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Andrea Sarjeant

Holistic nutritionist, kitchen witch, writer.

Andrea Sarjeant is a holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher and writer. She’s the proud creator of, a blog dedicated to helping people live their healthiest and most enjoyable lives possible.

Andrea works with the art and science of nutrition – using kitchen alchemy, key nutrients and the magic of herbs to help her clients and readers achieve total health bliss.
6 Ways Cooking With Herbs Can Make Your Food Riou via Getty Images

6 Ways Cooking With Herbs Can Make Your Food Healthier

Long before we had conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals, we had herbs. In fact, active ingredients in pharmaceutical drugs are derived from the volatile oils in many herbs. Herbs can boost the taste of food without adding extra calories and sodium, sure, but herbs can also make the food that we eat healthier.
07/28/2016 05:55 EDT
Try This Natural Approach to Sun Tom Merton via Getty Images

Try This Natural Approach to Sun Protection

There are plenty of new sunscreen products on the market today and we're using them more than ever before. But with all the incidences of skin cancer, clearly something is wrong with the way we're getting our sun exposure. Here are three concepts to understand before you step outside into the sun.
05/27/2015 06:38 EDT
Meet the Negroni and Discover the Benefits of Andrea Sarjeant

Meet the Negroni and Discover the Benefits of Bitters

Negronis are known as aperitifs. The term aperitif is a French word used to describe concentrated alcohols used in the middle ages, traditionally consumed before a meal to help whet the appetite. The word literally translates to "uncover or open." It's a punctuation mark to symbolize the beginning of a meal.
05/12/2015 05:50 EDT