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Andreas Souvaliotis

Social Entrepreneur

Known as one of Canada's leading serial social entrepreneurs, Andreas was the original founder of the world's first mass eco-points program (Green Rewards) which was eventually fused with Air Miles, Canada’s largest consumer loyalty platform, and transformed the way governments could support positive behaviour shifts among large population groups. His current global sequel harnesses the broader popularity of all loyalty points programs and builds permanent policy promotion partnerships with government agencies.

Andreas has been recognized globally for his social change achievements while his bestselling memoir, "Misfit", has proven uniquely popular among younger audiences and is also spawning the creation of a biopic film. He is a prolific public speaker, writer and advisor to leading business schools in Canada. He serves on the National Board of the Immigrant Access Fund, the Board of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, the Canadian Executive Board of the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) and the Executive Board of Toronto's Harbourfront Centre. Andreas is currently the Founder and CEO of Social Change Rewards Inc.
Nudging Canadians Towards A Healthier, Happier

Nudging Canadians Towards A Healthier, Happier Lifestyle

"Nudge theory" is quickly becoming a favourite among policy makers around the world. Nowhere has it been tested more extensively than in Britain, where the work of a national nudge unit has been so effective, and has generated such amazing savings for the government, that the unit was recently spun off as a private business!
11/02/2015 04:27 EST
Greece: Here Is Why

Greece: Here Is Why #ThisIsNotACoup

It's time for an enormous dose of tough love, so we can finally turn the most beautiful country in the world into a viable, democratic, modern society.
07/14/2015 04:42 EDT
A Marketer's Indictment of Toronto's New Airport Express

A Marketer's Indictment of Toronto's New Airport Express Train

My UP ride started as a curious marketing inspection after I smelled blood from all the wasteful promo blunders of the past year, but it culminated in a much broader indictment and plenty of citizen rage. This is my town, my trains, my money. This was supposed to reflect my brand, as a Torontonian. Instead, we got yet another product of small minds, narrow agendas, parochial bureaucrats and classically low expectations. We should all feel a little bit embarrassed by those empty seats, the angry diesel engines, the misaligned stations and the giant billboards. All brought to us by our town's multiple, unrelated, disconnected transport authorities.
06/29/2015 03:49 EDT
The Other Alcoholic Big City

The Other Alcoholic Big City Mayor

For some time now I had been hearing about the disruptive, tattooed, former business tycoon and former alcoholic mayor of the second largest city in Greece. Just like his Toronto counterpart, Thessaloniki's colourful mayor has managed to put his town on the world map in a hurry; but, he is admired.
05/14/2014 12:37 EDT
Confessions of a Former CEO: Leadership at a Time of

Confessions of a Former CEO: Leadership at a Time of Crisis

It's been a season of startling crisis-management parallels between the worlds of business and politics. An American politician who so artfully swung his scandal-slaying dagger and dealt with a crisis head-on, contrasted with our Prime Minister who let his credibility evaporate through evasion.
01/12/2014 10:49 EST
Has Canada Lost Its

Has Canada Lost Its "Cool"?

We've always loved being such a "cool" country. We've loved our own brand. We've loved comparing ourselves to our gigantic southern neighbour and bragging about our much more progressive, much more "worldly" social values...from racial integration, to gender equality, our social safety net, our smaller income disparity, lower crime rates, gun laws, gay marriage, environmental sensitivity -- you name it! We just loved being the continental superstars and we always corrected every unaware European who would dare call us "American." But is that still the case?
12/18/2013 12:25 EST
Even a Greek Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to

Even a Greek Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

When I recently returned to my incredibly beautiful and incredibly troubled birth country to launch the translated edition of my memoir, some expressed concern that my candid descriptions of the intolerant society I had fled a generation earlier could potentially touch some very raw local nerves.
12/10/2013 01:56 EST
How to Keep Going, Even When a Dream Goes

How to Keep Going, Even When a Dream Goes Wrong

<img alt="2013-09-24-andreas.jpg" src="" width="53" height="80" style="float: left; margin:10px"</img>The monthly bills were growing larger and larger, but so was our conviction that we were positively unstoppable and on our way to something great. Then I got an urgent call, informing me that our deal had been vetoed from "the very top of the organization." I was lost.
09/26/2013 08:34 EDT
How My Green Dream Became a

How My Green Dream Became a Reality

<img alt="2013-09-24-andreas.jpg" src="" width="53" height="80" style="float: left; margin:10px"</img>Truth be told, although I may have always behaved and thought like an entrepreneur, I had never imagined myself as one -- in fact, I was terrified of the idea. Me, on my own, building on such a big fantasy of an idea, starting a company, chasing billion-dollar customers and fighting off billion-dollar competitors?
09/25/2013 08:05 EDT
How I Became a Successful

How I Became a Successful Misfit

<img alt="2013-09-24-andreas.jpg" src="" width="53" height="80" style="float: left; margin:10px"</img> I am different. I have always been different. I grew up scared of being found out, scared of my natural inability to fit in, to conform, to look and sound and dress and behave "normal." But then something remarkable happened: one day I was carrying a flag and didn't even care to count how many were actually following me.
09/24/2013 07:31 EDT
How I Went From Terrified Gay Teenager to Lifetime Achievement Award

How I Went From Terrified Gay Teenager to Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

I feel lucky to be gay in a society like ours, because being "different" is actually a competitive edge in our country -- not a liability. When you're different, you stand out a little bit; and when you stand out, you're already a tiny little step ahead and your brand is already a little bit stronger. You are more noticeable, more memorable -- perhaps even a little more poised for success.
09/20/2013 08:17 EDT
What Leaders Can Learn From Margaret

What Leaders Can Learn From Margaret Thatcher

Thatcher was determined, driven, uncompromising, single-minded, outspoken, stubborn, intolerant, sharp, quick and unquestionably capable of evoking only intense emotions among her friends and enemies. And that's exactly why she was one of the greatest leaders of the past century.
04/09/2013 12:34 EDT
When Young Democracies Make Immature

When Young Democracies Make Immature Decisions

How could any country find itself in a scenario where it suffers the consequences of having been too socialist and too capitalist at the same time? I was listening to a former Greek Prime Minister recently at a global conference and I was struck by the number of times he referred to his country as a "young democracy." The implication, of course, was that it was an immature democracy -- and suddenly it all made sense.
03/06/2013 05:45 EST
Is Canada's Head Too Far in the Oil

Is Canada's Head Too Far in the Oil Sands?

While Canada is so good and efficient at squeezing every available drop of profit out of our opportunities, we seem to have missed the most important lesson they teach in the School of Capitalism: strategic planning. And suddenly, after so many fat cow years, our customers' tastes started to change -- and, in record fast time, we started look and behave like the world's least sophisticated capitalists. We may have been the envy of the world but we were actually amateurs all through the fat cow years and now we're starting to pay for it.
02/18/2013 12:51 EST
The Kyoto

The Kyoto Cliff

Did Kyoto really make any difference? Did it amount to anything more than just a placebo or, perhaps worse, a pathetic absolution?
01/02/2013 01:56 EST
How I Went Green For

How I Went Green For Profit

There are many enterprises now that don't fit our outdated good vs. bad models; they're designed to make money, lots of it in fact, but they can only make that money for their shareholders by making our world a better place. This has been true in my experience as well. Nearly six years ago, I started this thing called "Green Rewards."
10/09/2012 12:38 EDT
Justin Trudeau: Our Chance to

Justin Trudeau: Our Chance to "Reset" Democracy

Justin is exactly what our country needs right now. For too long we've been starved for inspiration, for passion, for real engagement in the business of our beautiful nation. We've been on a slow and steady decline towards complete apathy. We have so tuned out as a nation -- and we really need to hit the "reset" button.
10/05/2012 12:15 EDT
HuffPosters Know How to

HuffPosters Know How to Party!

What a birthday celebration that was! The true definition of a cocktail mixer ... a superb and beautifully balanced blend of present and past political leaders, artists, publishers, prominent Bay Streeters, celebrated journalists, social entrepreneurs, dreamy young interns, our very own national corporate celebrity felon and -- of course -- the one and only Arianna Huffington.
05/24/2012 11:51 EDT
Newfoundland's Newfound Pride Outweighs that of

Newfoundland's Newfound Pride Outweighs that of Ontario

Tightly shared heritage, values, and pride can obviously drive a solid sense of alignment, and common identity in a community. And those types of cohesive civic societies can be dynamic, creative, and very powerful sources of leadership, and innovation for our world.
05/07/2012 01:57 EDT
Yes, Even Big Business Can Inspire

Yes, Even Big Business Can Inspire Change

Once upon a time, not all that long ago, only charities could celebrate positive impact on society. Is it really that difficult to spot that magic spot where social and financial profit intersect? Based on first-hand experience I would say it's not -- in fact there are plenty of other obvious examples all around us.
04/27/2012 07:27 EDT