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Andreas Souvaliotis

Social Entrepreneur

Known as one of Canada's leading serial social entrepreneurs, Andreas was the original founder of the world's first mass eco-points program (Green Rewards) which was eventually fused with Air Miles, Canada’s largest consumer loyalty platform, and transformed the way governments could support positive behaviour shifts among large population groups. His current global sequel harnesses the broader popularity of all loyalty points programs and builds permanent policy promotion partnerships with government agencies.

Andreas has been recognized globally for his social change achievements while his bestselling memoir, "Misfit", has proven uniquely popular among younger audiences and is also spawning the creation of a biopic film. He is a prolific public speaker, writer and advisor to leading business schools in Canada. He serves on the National Board of the Immigrant Access Fund, the Board of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, the Canadian Executive Board of the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) and the Executive Board of Toronto's Harbourfront Centre. Andreas is currently the Founder and CEO of Social Change Rewards Inc.
When Profit and Social Responsibility

When Profit and Social Responsibility Collide

We fuelled a belief in our capitalist society that you can't make a profit without harming the world -- and that the only people who can do good for our world don't make a profit. "Giving back" has become one of the most fashionable lines -- as if to imply that we really must have stolen something as we were making a profit!
04/08/2012 11:23 EDT
Is It Too Late to Change Climate

Is It Too Late to Change Climate Change?

Maybe some of the cynics are right: No matter how much we curb our emissions now, the damage is already done and the climate will continue to destabilize. But should we just give up, enjoy the irresponsible partying a little bit longer, and then simply brace ourselves for whatever comes next -- or should we refocus our attention and energy on the things we can still affect?
03/20/2012 12:10 EDT
Why Are Our Leaders so

Why Are Our Leaders so Lame?

Somehow we've been trained to lower the bar on our leaders and on ourselves. We don't demand vision from our elected leaders -- in fact we often treat it like a punishable offense.
02/13/2012 12:07 EST
Post-Durban: Time to Pull Our Heads Out of the Oil

Post-Durban: Time to Pull Our Heads Out of the Oil Sands

The world doesn't want us to stop pumping oil out of the oil sands anytime soon. But the vast majority of nations also want us to start playing nicer, to start acknowledging the changed reality, to start supporting their citizens' ambitions for a cleaner, more responsible future -- and we're not doing any of that.
12/09/2011 09:13 EST
Is Our Politeness Holding Us

Is Our Politeness Holding Us Back?

Could it be that our world-leading national politeness and gentleness is actually holding us back a bit from stretching our minds and our capabilities? How do we find a way to stay nice and play to win at the same time?
11/23/2011 12:28 EST
Capitalism 2.0: Corporate Social Responsibility Is Not the Enemy of

Capitalism 2.0: Corporate Social Responsibility Is Not the Enemy of Profits

The cynics in the not-for-profit space would argue that profit and "good" cannot possibly be synonymous. But has the obsession with "giving back" made any difference at all? The successful businesses of the future will be the ones that figure out how to maximize profit as they maximize their positive impact on the world.
11/08/2011 11:18 EST
Could the Greek Economic Crisis Happen to

Could the Greek Economic Crisis Happen to Us?

Do we understand exactly what has historically earned us top marks in the world's balanced scorecard -- and are we doing everything we can to maintain that wonderful distinction, primarily on behalf of those who will inherit this beautiful country from us?
10/20/2011 10:02 EDT
Lessons From Greece's Bankrupt

Lessons From Greece's Bankrupt Society

It wasn't just a domestic credit crisis that brought that country to its knees -- it was a much more serious case of social corruption and mistrust, an ailment so deeply entrenched in their national psyche that it could only be wiped out with the help of a deep and painful crisis.
10/06/2011 09:09 EDT
An Innovative Approach to Healthcare: Reward Healthy

An Innovative Approach to Healthcare: Reward Healthy Choices

Imagine if, instead of scaring people with the dangers of obesity and cigarettes, we actually rewarded people when they bought healthy groceries, when they exercised or when they called into a smoking cessation hotline? Could this be a big part of the future for Canadian health promotion and care?
09/16/2011 09:32 EDT
Climate Change: What's the Big

Climate Change: What's the Big Deal?

We didn't create this mess -- we simply continued contributing to it. But if we don't at least try to change our ways, we will be known as the most selfish generation; the ones that knew what needed to be done but were too self-absorbed, too greedy or too lazy to do anything about it.
08/19/2011 12:50 EDT
Seven Rules of Thumb for Leading in a Knowledge

Seven Rules of Thumb for Leading in a Knowledge Economy

Today's smart workers get paid for thinking -- and there is no "off" switch in our brains. You'll probably never get fired from a smart company for keeping irregular hours if you consistently over-achieve on your objectives, but you might very well lose your job if you're always at work from 9 to 5 and produce very little.
08/10/2011 12:16 EDT
Public Transit in Canada: A Bigger

Public Transit in Canada: A Bigger Idea

The carbon crunch and the sudden change in expectations and priorities across our major cities now represent a serious new challenge for our urban administrators. How do we shift millions of Canadians from cars to transit if we don't have the spare capacity or the spare funds to quickly expand?
07/14/2011 09:03 EDT
My Canada: A World Leader No

My Canada: A World Leader No More?

My Canada, a generation ago, was a true world leader and a model society. But 30 years later, while our country claims high rates of obesity and large carbon footprints, other nations have started to steal the podium of the global innovation race from us.
06/12/2011 10:02 EDT
Marketing Beyond

Marketing Beyond Materialism

Marketing has changed forever because consumers have changed so fundamentally. Consumers are now seeking more than just pure materialistic satisfaction -- they want their consumption experience to also have an impact or make a difference somehow.
05/27/2011 02:51 EDT