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Andrew Cash

MP, Journalist, Singer, Songwriter

Andrew Cash is the NDP Member of Parliament for the riding of Davenport, in Toronto. <br> Prior to his election in May 2011, Andrew worked as a journalist for NOW magazine covering a wide range of urban political issues. Andrew is also a Juno award winning singer/songwriter who has released a dozen records over the last twenty-five years. <br> Since his election, Andrew has been fighting in the House of Commons to make Toronto a better place to live. Andrew chairs the Toronto Caucus of the NDP and is working hard to bring a voice for urban issues to Ottawa. He is standing up for the rights of self-employed, freelance, contract, and part-time employees and unpaid interns through his Urban Worker campaign. He is working to make life more affordable for Toronto residents through initiatives such as his campaign to stop Pay-to-Pay fees. He is also fighting to stop the dirty diesel trains from running between Union Station and Pearson Airport and is advocating for clean electric trains. <br> Andrew is the Official Opposition Critic for Multiculturalism and sits on the Standing Committee for Citizenship and Immigration.
Harper's Tour Tax is Not Music to Our

Harper's Tour Tax is Not Music to Our Ears

Well, leave it to the Conservative government to beat up on some of the smallest of small businesses. In a stunning decision, the result of either incompetence or cynicism, this government has levied a new charge on small clubs, bars and restaurants that bring in foreign artists to perform.
09/09/2013 05:02 EDT