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Andrew Leslie

Liberal candidate in Orléans, retired Lieutenant-General

Andrew Leslie is the Liberal candidate in Orléans.

To retired Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie, being in the service of fellow Canadians – both home and abroad – is second nature. Born into a multi-generational military family, Andrew has had a decorated 35 year career with the Canadian Armed Forces. During his career he participated in numerous major international missions – including missions in the former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan – and has served on home soil during the 1998 Quebec Ice Storm. His dedication has been recognized on numerous occasions; among his Canadian distinctions, he was appointed Commander of the Order of Military Merit in 2005 and was awarded the Meritorious Service Cross. Internationally, he was appointed a Commander of the U.S. Legion of Merit in 2003 and was awarded the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland in 2010.

Previously the senior vice-president of an information technology company, Andrew now works as a strategic advisor and speaker. He is a member of the advisory committee of the Prince of Wales Charities in Canada and was previously Chair of the Board of Directors of the Royal Canadian Artillery Association and a board member of Opera Lyra.
Our National Security Depends On Climate

Our National Security Depends On Climate Action

It is next to impossible to develop an appropriate plan for dealing with security threats unless you understand what has caused them. And it may seem counterintuitive, at first, to link Canadian national security concerns with international climate change. However, recent negative trends affecting our already fragile climate, and the associated impacts on weather and the global ecosystem, are a real and present danger to our national security.
07/08/2015 08:32 EDT
If Anyone

If Anyone "Distrusts" The Military It's Harper

We were disturbed and disappointed to read Stephen Harper's recent comments erroneously claiming that Justin Trudeau has a "deep distrust" of the Canadian military. In my experience, actions speak louder than words, and while Mr. Harper has always been quick to stand with our soldiers for photo ops, he has failed to have their backs when it counts. We have a sacred obligation to our soldiers -- past and present -- which this Prime Minister has clearly rejected. By contrast, Mr. Trudeau is firmly committed to fulfilling our nation's obligation to our veterans, and to investing in the equipment and training that our troops need to get the job done
02/06/2015 04:17 EST