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Andrew Lo

President and CEO of, Canada's largest online financial services comparison website

Andrew Lo is the president and CEO of, leading all brand and marketing efforts for Canada's largest online financial services comparison website. He has many years of experience leading fintech companies and has developed companies from simple start-ups into industry shaping ventures with over 4,000 employees. He is an entrepreneur at heart and is also a business advisor for Ryerson University's DMZ - Canada's largest startup incubator. With a passion for technology, cars and SciFi, Andrew is sharing his breadth of knowledge and experience online.
CES 2017: My Driverless Car Andrew Lo

CES 2017: My Driverless Car Experience

One of the most exciting commitments coming from the auto and technology makers during CES 2017 is the ambition to realize driverless car capability for city streets as early as 2020.
01/17/2017 11:14 EST
The Top 6 Budget-Friendly Electric omada via Getty Images

The Top 6 Budget-Friendly Electric Cars

When it comes down to it, an electric car can actually save you thousands of dollars down the road when it comes to fuel costs. In addition, some provinces have launched incentive campaigns to help drivers subsidize the initial purchase price. In Ontario for example, drivers can save up to $13,000 on eligible vehicles thanks to incentives.
09/07/2016 11:13 EDT
Insuring Your Hot Street Andrew Lo

Insuring Your Hot Street Tuner

Street tuners are vehicles with modified equipment that improve performance or make them unique in their appearance. But even though they are completely legal for regular driving, most insurance companies shy away from providing coverage for tuners.
02/26/2016 02:38 EST
Don't Wait For A Close Call To Get Winter mariakraynova via Getty Images

Don't Wait For A Close Call To Get Winter Tires

modern winter tires offer up to 50 per cent more traction than all-seasons, and it's estimated that they'll shorten your braking distance by as much 25 per cent. It's widely reported that winter tires simply handle winter weather conditions better than all-seasons, and from personal experience, I'm a believer.
12/03/2015 11:41 EST