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Andrew Pyle

Wealth Advisor, Associate Portfolio Manager,ScotiaMcLeod

For over two decades, Andrew has held several senior market analyst positions in Canada’s financial industry, advising individual clients and small businesses on financial issues.

Before joining ScotiaMcLeod as a Wealth Advisor and Associate Portfolio Manager, he was the Vice-President and Head of Capital Market Research for Scotiabank Economics. Prior to that he was the Chief Canadian Strategist for the Dutch bank, ABN AMRO.

During his career, he has provided economic and market strategy advice to corporations, central banks and some of the largest investment funds in the world. He is widely quoted in the media, appearing regularly on radio and television, and is often asked to speak and present to industry groups, chambers of commerce and community associations.

Andrew works with clients across Canada, and lives with his wife and three children in Peterborough, Ontario. An active contributor to the local community, Andrew sits on the Foundation Board of the Peterborough Regional Health Centre.
How Much Risk Are You Willing to

How Much Risk Are You Willing to Take?

While Principal Protected Notes become more enticing when in we're engulfed in an environment of uncertainty, they are still not widely understood. The key flaw in these products is that they blur what is the most fundamental decision an investor must make -- whether or not to take risk and, if so, how much?
10/22/2011 09:03 EDT
In an Economic Storm, Canada Holds the Best

In an Economic Storm, Canada Holds the Best Umbrella

Assuming Mr. Carney and his fiscal policy counterparts maintain their credibility, the country may very well hang on to number one for another year at least. That's good news for business and it might just be the thing that softens the blow to our equity market should the gyrations of the past few months continue.
10/11/2011 11:13 EDT

Loonar Eclipse

For snowbirds looking to make their annual sojourn to southern U.S. climates, this recent weakness in the canuck buck couldn't have come at a worse time. My advice for those who are going to be looking to convert Loonies for greenbacks is to stagger those purchases over the next few months.
09/26/2011 01:45 EDT
Canada's Next Economic Quarter: Not so Bad After

Canada's Next Economic Quarter: Not so Bad After All?

The recovery in the TSX since the first week of August, while choppy, has all the right ingredients going for it. A pattern of higher lows and highs and declining volatility will work to entice investors back into risk assets, and improving portfolios will bolster consumer sentiment.
09/04/2011 11:34 EDT
Putting Cash to

Putting Cash to Work

This latest go-round of negativity has nothing to do with a lack of earnings or liquidity, as we dealt with in 2008. This is all about waiting for firms to open the taps and start using their burgeoning sacks of cash. This makes the difference between a firm staying afloat and getting capsized by a rogue recession wave.
08/19/2011 05:44 EDT
Golden Opportunity, or Just for

Golden Opportunity, or Just for Fools?

If the world remains in a chaotic state, that might keep gold going higher, but if things stabilize gold could tumble or simply move sideways. It's for that reason that gold remains part of an overall investment strategy -- not the whole enchilada.
08/13/2011 12:18 EDT
Europe's Choice: To Capitulate or

Europe's Choice: To Capitulate or Decapitate

The EU must decide whether or not to take the 'union' to its logical endgame. Creation of a single currency zone, without the strength of a centralized fiscal power to effect stabilization and redistribution, was never a sound economic idea. It was always a political idea.
08/04/2011 03:33 EDT
AAA Debt Rating: What Would Life Be Like Without

AAA Debt Rating: What Would Life Be Like Without it?

At the end of the day there is nothing sacred about that AAA stamp on Washington IOUs. Since the popular press has done a good job in linking the Aug. 2 deadline with the future of the U.S. credit rating, many believe that getting a debt authorization increase by this date will protect it. That would be naïve.
07/28/2011 08:06 EDT
Don't Stretch for

Don't Stretch for Yield

For many Canadians on a fixed income, the last 10 years have been tough, to say nothing of the most recent couple. In an
07/15/2011 09:40 EDT
Three-Pronged Risk to Canada's

Three-Pronged Risk to Canada's Economy

The Bank of Canada weighed in with a few of its own comments as to Canada's economic direction and, more importantly, the challenges facing it at last week's FOMC meeting.
06/27/2011 09:00 EDT
Time for U.S.

Time for U.S. Dividends

Given the back-sliding in North American equities over the past five weeks, many investors have become concerned that this is, in fact, the start of the so-called "sell in May and go away" phenomenon.
06/14/2011 12:03 EDT