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Armed with a Masters in Geography, an eye for Canadian politics, and a love of nature, Andrew Reeves has been blogging about all these things and more at <a rel="nofollow">The Reeves Report</a> since March, 2011. Andrew has been working on diverse issues such cycling infrastructure, electoral reform, waste diversion, natural resource export, and third party political engagement from his home base in Toronto, Ontario, hoping to make his corner of the world that much better. When he's not blogging about Canadian politics or the environment, he's usually cycling while thinking about what to write next about Canadian politics or the environment.
Mulcair's Environmental

Mulcair's Environmental Gambit

Say what you will, but Mulcair has bonafides in the environmental field and as Canada abandons international climate accords like Kyoto, any opposition leader -- let alone Prime Minister -- needs to understand the environment file deeply, and the role our environment plays in our economic future.
01/04/2012 07:19 EST
Ontario Election's Politics of

Ontario Election's Politics of Misdirection

The problem with elections is how easy it is to have one bad apple spoil the whole bunch. Isolated incidences like Paul Ferreira's wish to introduce toll roads and parking taxes can be forgiven, but people are not dumb, they see through it, and you end up looking silly.
09/28/2011 04:31 EDT
Ontario Green Vote Projected to

Ontario Green Vote Projected to Drop

Why bother to vote Green if the Liberal Premier is already acting on green initiatives? Because Green voters should not forget this: McGuinty may dress in green clothing when it's in style, but that may not reflect who he is.
09/23/2011 09:06 EDT
Should Ontarians Pay an Extra Trash

Should Ontarians Pay an Extra Trash Tax?

You may think that people should be collectively responsible for paying for the waste they cumulatively generate. Or you may feel that, like residents without children who oppose paying for schools, it should be a personal responsibility. Either way, Ontario appears to be behind in having these discussions.
09/21/2011 09:16 EDT
Rob Ford, Where's the

Rob Ford, Where's the Fat?

As a mayoral candidate, Rob Ford promised the people of Toronto that waste was threatening to engulf the city. But the waste that Ford reported were drowning this city in ever-increasing deficits just don't seem to exist.
09/14/2011 02:39 EDT
Tim Hudak's Hypocrisy Runs Deep in the Immigration

Tim Hudak's Hypocrisy Runs Deep in the Immigration Debate

Hudak's hypocrisy is nowhere more apparent than on his personal flip-flop on the immigration file. A year ago, Hudak claimed that "(we need) practical and affordable measures to help new Canadians find employment and create jobs." Makes sense, right? It does!
09/12/2011 11:32 EDT
Torontonians, You Get What You Pay

Torontonians, You Get What You Pay For(d)

After Toronto's historic executive committee marathon concluded, citizens emerged from the fluorescent glow of city hall's lights and sat down to a harsh morning sun and the reality of what a Ford administration looks like. In a word, stubborn. Painfully, so.
08/08/2011 01:52 EDT
Long-Term Thinking Needed in the Fight for Ontario's Green Energy

Long-Term Thinking Needed in the Fight for Ontario's Green Energy Future

Why are we shouting at Dalton McGuinty for our hydro bills being slightly higher when his overall objective is to create valuable jobs here in Ontario? All the while, this policy is reducing our share of the planet's destruction. People need to be better educated as to what, exactly, as it stake here.
08/05/2011 05:19 EDT