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Andrew Rennie

Copywriter and strategist

Andrew is a copywriter, strategist and ex-journalist. He's worked with brands like eBay, Bell and FreshBooks. He listens to too much rap and fancies himself a distance runner, though it's mostly for the apparel. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.
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It's Time We Cut Ourselves Some Slack In The Workplace

We're conditioned to act like we don't need sleep or weekends, only fleeting validation for that campaign that just hit market and a swig from the company whiskey bottle. I had never much subscribed to the notion of Toronto's permeating anxiety, however, until I returned from a much-needed trip over this past holiday break.
01/06/2016 04:16 EST

Parasites and Profiteering: Brand Apathy in the Twitter Age

We're living in an age where everyone with an Internet connection has the ability to become a journalist; to write his or her own critique of a product or service. And if they lack diction or the ability to disseminate their ideas into the digital realm, they can easily connect with someone who can help them articulate, package and market their thoughts.
08/21/2013 02:05 EDT