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Andrew Williamson

TV Producer

As VP Production & Digital at Lark Productions, Andrew Williamson oversees all series in production in addition to the digital media slate.

He recently produced Gastown Gamble for OWN Canada and prior to Lark, Andrew produced the feature Sk8 Life which premiered at the Sundance International Film Festival as well as The Mountie in association with Telefilm Canada. His 13-part webseries for the Yukon and federal governments launched in New York’s Times Square.

Andrew was previously head of development for Keatley Entertainment, founder of Crazy8s and director of industrial relations at the CMPA.

Andrew is executive producer of the docu-series "Emergency Room: Life & Death at VGH" for The Knowledge Network and "High Moon," a pilot co-venture with Universal Cable Productions and executive producer Brian Fuller.
End Of 'Emergency Room' Is The Beginning Of The

End Of 'Emergency Room' Is The Beginning Of The Conversation

Tonight's episode of "Emergency Room: Life and Death at VGH" is about beginnings and endings, which is fitting for a series finale.Over the course of the series, we have seen so many amazing examples of the incredible dedication that VGH's emergency department staff has. And tonight, we get a chance to see students at the beginning of their journey.
02/25/2014 07:43 EST
Behind The Scenes Of 'Emergency Room: Life And Death At

Behind The Scenes Of 'Emergency Room: Life And Death At VGH'

Our earliest production meetings of a behind-the-scenes documentary series about life in an ER were spent answering questions like: How exactly are we going to shoot this? How graphic is it going to be? Near the end of every meeting after we had laid out all the technical requirements, made a schedule of which doctors we hoped to follow, and prepared ourselves for our best and worst case scenarios, someone would always ask: "Is this really going to work?"
02/04/2014 04:13 EST