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Andy Kim


Born in Montreal, rock indie pop singer/songwriter Andy Kim was inspired by the Beatles, Hank Williams, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Buddy Holly, and Bob Dylan. He found fame in New York City at just 16 years old when he wrote How'd We Ever Get This Way?, the first of nine Billboard Top 40 hits, including #1 songs Rock Me Gently and Sugar, Sugar, one of Billboard's "Greatest Songs of All Time." A true Canadian son, Andy has been awarded the country's top industry honour twice, the JUNO Award for outstanding achievement in the record industry, as well as the "Indie Award" for Favourite Solo Artist in 2005. Over his epic career, Andy has sold over 30 million records, with songs covered by music history's greats, including Wilson Pickett, Tom Jones, Ike & Tina Turner, and Bob Marley and has even been said to influence 80s metal band Def Leppard.
The Spirit Of Giving Surrounded By The Gift Of Charity Curley Mathews

The Spirit Of Giving Surrounded By The Gift Of Sharing

Why am I so uncomfortable with the word "charity"? Yet I use the word to symbolize a thought or feeling. I feel more charitable or less charitable today. Maybe it's because I feel the word demeans the intent. But, nonetheless this year I am producing my 9th Annual Andy Kim Christmas Show for "Charity."
12/04/2013 05:19 EST