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Aneta Alaei

During the day Aneta Alaei is the blog manager at Parent Life Network and during the nights she writes at Home With Aneta moonlighting as one of Toronto's top mommy bloggers.

Aneta Alaei is a Toronto family blogger. A mom to 4 kids under 7 she is always running around trying to keep the peace or rouse their imaginations. She quit her day job in insurance to be a stay-at-home-mom and has not turned back.

Writing over at her blog, Home With Aneta, she gets to share her struggles and boast her successes all while doing it with a smile on her face.
Boobs Are for Feeding ballyscanlon via Getty Images

Boobs Are for Feeding Babies

A woman's boobs have a primary function, to feed their children. At some point in our lives they become sexualized. I, just like the next person, can appreciate a beautiful set of boobs but I am not being turned on when I see a woman feed her child. Neither are you, your husband or your children.
05/15/2015 05:40 EDT