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Angel Pui

Weddingful, Founder and CEO

After graduating from fashion design, Angel Pui saw a great opportunity in the wedding industry when she was designing custom wedding gowns for brides-to-be. After realizing many brides who shared the same common problems and collectively asked her for help, Angel sought to solve these painful planning problems by launching her first startup, <em>My Wedding Notes</em>, a free collaborative group planning app. <br> <br> Despite early success, brides on her site were still saying weddings are stressful to plan and the market is fragmented. She continued to better a solution for brides by creating <a href="" rel="nofollow">Weddingful</a> in 2009 as an iteration by focusing on the complicated booking and shopping process - her persistent and helpful nature drives her to find a thorough answer for brides ever since. <br> <br> As a resourceful and driven entrepreneur, Angel excels at business and product development with little resources. Weddingful started out with her as a team of one, through building one partnership at a time, connecting brides with a vendor each step of the way, it has now grown to be the fastest growing booking site for weddings in multiple cities, serving over 5,000 vendors and over 25,000 brides across U.S. and Canada.
Finding the Perfect Wedding

Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

I know, I know -- we are supposed to look for a venue first, set our wedding date, and then take care of the rest, like photography and all the other fun stuff. Since we're still finalizing our guest list, I thought I could at least secure a few things, like our photographer. Call me an anxious bride, but I just need to make some progress and move this wedding planning along!
07/11/2013 02:20 EDT
Before Wedding Planners Say 'I

Before Wedding Planners Say 'I Do'

In the years I've worked in the wedding industry, I've experienced the good but also the bad and even the ugly. As a result though, I've spent so much time focusing on other couples that I've neglected my own relationships. My own proposal was exciting but it was also surreal. I thought I would be shouting from the mountaintops, letting the entire world know. Instead, I found myself feeling shy.
06/05/2013 11:49 EDT