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Angela Hartlin

Mental Health Advocate, Author, CYCW

Angela Hartlin is a mental health advocate, Child & Youth Care trained, and author of FOREVER MARKED: A Dermatillomania Diary. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Canadian BFRB Support Network with a goal of raising awareness for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors. For more information, please visit
Take A Break From All Adrian Samson via Getty Images

Take A Break From All This

Those of us who feel hurt in our hearts for our American friends and family must take time to stop engaging in this year's political circus. It is seemingly unfathomable to get this 180 degree turn of American politics out of your mind, especially when you understand the negative impact that could come of this presidency, with evidence based strictly on his divisive rhetoric. But you must. Even if only for a bit, you MUST unplug from the chaos.
11/10/2016 05:50 EST
My Advocacy of a Silent Disorder Led to My Getty Images

My Advocacy of a Silent Disorder Led to My Recovery

For the past six years I have been a vocal advocate about a disorder that not many people have heard of: dermatillomania. This means that I have been compulsively picking at my skin for years without any end in sight of how to break free of this chronic condition.
09/24/2015 12:15 EDT
I Am a Liberal and I Do Not Approve of Lena Dunham's Mike Marsland via Getty Images

I Am a Liberal and I Do Not Approve of Lena Dunham's Actions

Examining her very words unveils very destructive, manipulative, and sometimes sadistic behaviours that are, in my opinion, alarming. The controversial sexual abuse she may or may not have inflicted on her sister is what's making the headlines, not the blatant control issues she has and a lack of boundaries she exhibits with her sister. The focus should not about left or right but more about wrong or right.
11/07/2014 08:31 EST
A Letter to My Suicidal Dusica Paripovic via Getty Images

A Letter to My Suicidal Self

I will tell you that I know you've tried what feels like everything to create a tolerable existence, but it hasn't worked thus far. I also know that you have hoarded your past expired medications in your toy hamper waiting for this day when you finally get "the nerve" to go through with ending it all. Please don't let today be your last, I want you to experience what it's like to smile for real again and you'll be taking that opportunity away.
08/12/2014 01:55 EDT
Why 'Privilege' Is Condescending and Andy Roberts via Getty Images

Why 'Privilege' Is Condescending and Manipulative

As an evolved species, we can do better than repeating the same patterns of discrimination that feed into a looping and segregating cycle. Let's lay out all issues on the table, educate, and not stamp prejudice onto those who suffer greatly for various other reasons because they fit in with the white/ straight/ rich categories.
07/05/2014 01:19 EDT
Would You Expose Your Darkest Secrets For a shutterstock

Would You Expose Your Darkest Secrets For a Documentary?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a film crew to follow you day in and day out, documenting your daily rituals all in an effort to create a successful film? I have a chronic condition called Dermatillomania, which has left me scarred and disfigured on the outside, alienated and "different" on the inside.
04/11/2014 05:55 EDT
I'll Be the First to Admit It: I Compulsively Pick My N. Aubrier via Getty Images

I'll Be the First to Admit It: I Compulsively Pick My Skin

"I never knew this was a problem until I read that skin picking is a disorder- so there's something wrong with me?" The answer to this is no. If you have went through life unscathed by your skin picking until an article brought it to your attention, then you addressing it as an issue will only undermine those of us who face scrutiny, even by the mental health community.
12/06/2013 12:16 EST