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Angelina Chapin

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Angelina Chapin is a blogs editor at The Huffington Post and a columnist for the Ottawa Citizen. She has written for BuzzFeed, Maclean's and Maisonneuve and worked as a reporter for Canadian Business magazine.
Ford Nation Should Stop Listening To Its David Cooper via Getty Images

Ford Nation Should Stop Listening To Its Heart

There's something about Justin Trudeau with his sideways smiles, V-necks and ladies' night that reminds me of smarmy men from my past. That connection is hard to break, even though as a friend recently pointed out, he's probably the politician who best reflects my views. As with our personal relationships, we are often blind to our favourite politicians' faults. We defend them when others bring up their shortcomings -- "You don't know the real Barack!" -- rather than accept the facts. That's why it stung so much when I recently read a piece in the Globe and Mail titled "From messiah to lame duck: How Barack Obama fell to earth."
12/02/2013 08:11 EST
Masculinity Is Not a Dirty Getty

Masculinity Is Not a Dirty Word

Traditional masculinity, the blue-collar variety where men use their hands and act as competent providers, is no longer in vogue. With poster boys like Rob Ford and Chris Brown, "manliness" is no more than politically incorrect dirt that feminists trample on with their Birkenstocks. And that's too bad.
11/25/2013 08:54 EST
Will Rob Ford Give CP

Will Rob Ford Give "Crack Heads" a Better Name?

If there's a white-powdered lining to news that the mayor of the fourth-largest city in North America has a substance abuse problem, it's the opportunity to re-visit dangerous stereotypes about people who smoke crack. You've probably called them "crackheads" or "crack whores." You've probably used the word "crack baby." I probably have too without blinking. Why are we so comfortable using crack users as a verbal punching bag? The reason has roots in racism; Society didn't, and often still doesn't, respect the poor black people who are most associated with the drug.
11/08/2013 07:23 EST
We Need a Conversation, Not a Revolution Russell Getty

We Need a Conversation, Not a Revolution Russell Brand

Many change-the-world types prefer to abandon rather than engage with a system they abhor. While passion is essential for political change, these radicals would gain a larger audience if they traded aggression for dialogue. What we need, Russell Brand, is a conversation, not a revolution.
11/06/2013 12:31 EST
Women Don't Poop, And Other Myths We Let Men YouTube

Women Don't Poop, And Other Myths We Let Men Believe

In high school, my friends and I convinced a group of guys that we didn't poop. While the deception was a victory for an insecure 16-year-old, it was a loss for the feminist I would grow into. So it's with heavy bowels that I now watch the near ubiquitous ad on YouTube for Poo~Pourri.
10/23/2013 08:25 EDT
Focus On Your Own Sexuality -- Not

Focus On Your Own Sexuality -- Not Miley's

A lot of brainpower has gone into dissecting whether Miley Cyrus is sexually empowered or not. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but there's only one person who can decide whether Miley has a healthy relationship with sexuality: the woman herself. The feminist movement has a nasty habit of acting like a doctor with a prescription for sexual empowerment. To apply one set of rules all women should follow is to treat us as a homogeneous group and ignores feminism's top accomplishment: choice. The trouble is, judging others is always easier than judging ourselves.
10/09/2013 07:09 EDT
Don't Let Google Kill Talk About AP

Don't Let Google Kill Talk About Death

It's easier than ever to live our lives without accepting they will end. Last week, Time asked "Can Google Solve Death?" in a story about the tech company's foray into the life extension business. I'll happily take another few healthy decades on this earth but more time won't make our lives richer. Talking about death will. Unfortunately, mortality has a PR issue: too many of us view death as a mouse in our brains -- a creature we ignore during the day but that gnaws away at our sanity come night. Instead, we should welcome the discussion of death into our homes.
09/25/2013 08:09 EDT
From Sochi to vevo

From Sochi to "Blurred Lines": Why Boycotts Are Bullshit

Like most thinking people, my relationship with Robin Thicke's racy summer anthem Blurred Lines is complicated. Love that baseline. Hey-hey-hate the lyrics and video. But I won't stop listening to it. And neither should you. With demands to boycott everything from the Sochi Olympics to the novel Ender's Game to the entire state of Florida after the George Zimmerman verdict, people continue to insist abstention is a prescription for change. But saying you plan to effect change with your boycott is kind of like saying you're moving to Hollywood to become famous. Only your mother will believe you.
09/11/2013 07:49 EDT
Get Angry About Rape, Not Dr. Phil's Facebook/Getty

Get Angry About Rape, Not Dr. Phil's Tweet

There are plenty of reasons to mock Dr. Phil, but the tweet he sent out last Tuesday about sex and drunk girls isn't one of them. The fact he was promoting an upcoming show about sexual assault was eclipsed by outrage over a tweet. And that's the problem with political correctness: it often prevents us from having desperately-needed conversations.
08/28/2013 08:58 EDT
Stop Telling Miley's Black Backup Dancers to Feel Getty

Stop Telling Miley's Black Backup Dancers to Feel Offended

I'm not black. I'm not a backup dancer. I've never been onstage with Miley Cyrus. Those things are true of most writers who have been weighing in on the "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIt's Miley Show" (I mean, the VMAs). Yet that hasn't stopped them from pontificating about how "objectified" Miley's black backup dancers should feel for being "props" in her racist charade. Maybe they are wrong.
08/28/2013 06:19 EDT
When Big Brother Spies, Spy Right Getty

When Big Brother Spies, Spy Right Back

The National Security Agency has been busy quietly collecting information ranging from how often Americans call their grandparents to the nasty emails they write about colleagues. And Canadians aren't exempt from Big Brother's watch. Though it's tempting to feel like characters in Nineteen Eighty-Four, there's one important difference between the Orwellian world and our society: in 2013, the citizens spy too. Though the authorities may be watching us, we're staring right back at them through the lens of our cellphone cameras. Welcome to citizen surveillance.
08/14/2013 08:23 EDT
Hey Weiner, Women in Power Don't Take Vagina Getty

Hey Weiner, Women in Power Don't Take Vagina Pics

After a week consumed with New York mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner's wiener pics, the relationship between male power and sex has once again been thrust into the spotlight. And it seems these scandals always centre around men and their wieners. Where are all the women, drunk off authority (and maybe a little wine) snapping vagina pics for young college students?
07/29/2013 11:42 EDT
Kiss The Rain: Your Soggy Summer Getty Images

Kiss The Rain: Your Soggy Summer Playlist

It's been a wet blanket of a summer for many Canadians to say the least, which means summer playlists need a change of tune. In case rocking out to "Surfin' Safari" seems but a cruel joke, we created a list of soaking-wet songs that will have you blaming, kissing and taking shelter from the rain. If you can't beat it, you might as well sing about it, right?
07/09/2013 05:20 EDT
Why Creepy Dates Should Be Published Twitter/Shutterstock

Why Creepy Dates Should Be Published Online

Girl goes on date with guy. Guy is creepy. Touches-her-bum-when-she-doesn't-want-him-to creepy. Guy is also a famous Canadian radio personality. Roughly a year later, girl writes a blog about it. That blog goes viral. Should we believe her story? Welcome to the new new new journalism.
06/13/2013 12:07 EDT
Will Google Glass Blind Us To AP

Will Google Glass Blind Us To Reality?

Instead of making Google Glass (and whatever other devices the wearable tech trend produces) more inclusive (read: affordable), companies are creating add-ons to make life more convenient for a wealthy demographic. But sometimes inconveniences are there for a reason: They remind us of the problems that need fixing.
05/30/2013 10:07 EDT
Beyond Gifts: HuffPost Bloggers Weigh In on Mother's Alamy

Beyond Gifts: HuffPost Bloggers Weigh In on Mother's Day

Thanks to Hallmark, everyone's Mother's Day thoughts are consumed by gifts. Luckily, our stable of bloggers have diversified the conversation. So while you're scrambling to remember what kind of flowers your mamma likes best (or busy worrying your kids won't remember), think of what Mother's Day means beyond a price tag.
05/09/2013 03:24 EDT
The Boston Bombing: I Like My News Right, Not

The Boston Bombing: I Like My News Right, Not Fast

In the mad dash for readers' eyeballs, the media often chooses fast over factual. But who are publications serving by being the first to cross an invisible finish line? What the media often forget is the stands are packed with other members of the media, not readers. Our readers, those we supposedly exist to serve, are often left wondering why no one is running in the race they truly care about: being right. The strongest tie any media outlet should have with its readers is trust. And the fact that maintaining this trust sometimes takes time is something all outlets should remember today.
04/17/2013 05:36 EDT
CHANGE MY MIND: Should Marijuana Be Legalized in Getty Images

CHANGE MY MIND: Should Marijuana Be Legalized in Canada?

The majority of Canadians are in favour of decriminalized or legal weed, while some think the penalties for possession should be more severe. Two men who have worked on the front lines of drug regulation are here to weigh in. Scott P. Hilderley, a Corporal in the RCMP Drugs and Organized Crime Awareness Service, and William VanderGraaf, a retired Winnipeg Police Service homicide detective and member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, debate whether marijuana legalization should get the green light. What do you think?
03/27/2013 12:07 EDT