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Angie Campanelli

New mom to two boys, wife, step-mom, TV producer, entrepreneur & world traveler

Angie Campanelli's ideal world is kale-smoothie-coated, diet coke dipped and full of warm, sunshine. <br> <br> Her reality is slightly different. <br> <br> As a new mom, wife to TV personality Rick Campanelli, step-mom, and television producer, her world is more take-out filled, coffee stained and freezing fricken cold. <br> <br> After 10 years in the 'glam' TV industry, Angie's worked for the esteemed CTV - The Marilyn Denis Show, Breakfast Television, CBS in New York, Entertainment Tonight Canada, Slice and Canadian Geographic. <br> <br> Although she's interviewed some of the world's most high-profile people (Katy Perry, Barbara Walters, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum, Gerrard Butler and countless others) nothing rattled her more than the arrival of her son in March 2014. <br> <br> Like most ambitious, clueless new parents, she and Rick took Jack on dozens of trips, coped with infant colic, and pushed their relationship to the edge and back. <br> <br> Join Angie here for snap shots of her chaotic, amazing, star-studded, upside-down world.
Low Expectations Are The Key To Happy Family

Low Expectations Are The Key To Happy Family Travel

If you're thinking about taking a trip with your kids to get away from it all, think again. Know what you're getting into. Know that it might be even more difficult than life at home. Know that it could be messy, tiring and ugly at times. But it's honestly the best thing ever.
02/10/2017 04:51 EST
These Family-Friendly Halloween Decor Ideas Are A

These Family-Friendly Halloween Decor Ideas Are A Treat

If you're like us, most occasions 'creep' up out of nowhere. It's as though one minute you're commenting, "ohhh that would be such an awesome Halloween costume this year," and the next moment you're scrambling to figure out what you can create with the store leftovers.
10/25/2016 09:12 EDT
What's It Like Inside A TIFF

What's It Like Inside A TIFF Lounge?

From September 8-18, Toronto rolls out the red carpet for some of the biggest names in Hollywood. But, it's not just the promise of international interviews, parties and film premieres that lure the heavy hitters. Toronto International Film Festival gifting lounges pack their own punch offering some of the most extravagant giveaways and luxurious pampering.
09/09/2016 06:07 EDT
I'm Not A

I'm Not A "Stay At Home Mom," I'm A "Family Manager"

As I sit here writing this post, coated in the slick, stench of black licorice fennel oil (for breast milk production), I can honestly say I'm more stressed now than before parenthood. And I know I'm not alone in this.
07/25/2016 12:59 EDT
Great Gift Ideas For New

Great Gift Ideas For New Dads

Shopping for dad is two-fold: the gift requires the right amount of meaning combined with practicality/function. When dealing with a new dad -- whether that refers to your brother, son, husband, cousin or friend -- the gift tends to carry even more weight. It's an exciting time in his life and you want to mark it with something perfect!
05/30/2016 05:43 EDT
My Toddler Almost Died In My

My Toddler Almost Died In My Arms

Don't ever think it will never happen to you, because it can, it might and it could even happen when you're sitting right there with your kids. Get rid of those small choking hazards. Just because they haven't swallowed one yet doesn't mean they won't. You just never know when.
12/01/2015 02:19 EST
Our Thigh Gap Obsession Worries Me for Young Women

Our Thigh Gap Obsession Worries Me for Young Women Everywhere

When I was a teenager and well into my twenties, women encountered similar pressures both on television and in print. The difference is that now we can't just blame corporate advertisers for showing unrealistic body proportions. This time, it's real people teaching other real girls how to strive for and achieve these (at times) unhealthy body sizes.
10/06/2015 05:33 EDT
Here's the Path to Summer Skin

Here's the Path to Summer Skin Recovery

As a lifestyle television producer, former red carpet fashion reporter and beauty guru, I'm always looking for the latest/greatest thing when it comes to my skin care. With the Canadian climate currently in transition from summer to fall, it's time to talk summer skin recovery.
09/18/2015 12:05 EDT
Top 5 Family-Friendly Campgrounds Near

Top 5 Family-Friendly Campgrounds Near Toronto

As creator of The Family Travel Guide, a website dedicated to family travel, I put together a list of my ideal places for family camping. From the backwoods to hardwood floors, I try to cover it all.
06/21/2015 08:36 EDT
How I Became Addicted to Pumping Breast

How I Became Addicted to Pumping Breast Milk

Conversations among friends and between strangers fueled my pumping obsession. Every time I thought I was ready to skip a session or wean my son, I felt this peculiar sense of failure. "Not yet..." nagged a little voice. I'd ask other people how their feeding was going and then persist with my own despite my frustration and annoyance. I also made the crucial mistake of reading popular parenting blogs where I'd see talk of only weaning well past the 12-month mark. I feel like I passed the first parenting test and when people converse about infant nourishment, I feel proud stating that I did whatever it took to give him the "best" start.
05/19/2015 05:31 EDT
How I Get my Son to Sleep on

How I Get my Son to Sleep on Planes

Some travelling parents totally spaz over getting their baby to nap (on schedule or not). On point, I stressed over this issue for nights leading up to our first family trip. Throughout our travels, my husband and I tried many different methods to get our son to sleep in transit. Here are some tips that helped us succeed.
05/10/2015 11:15 EDT
Superb, Original Gift Ideas for New

Superb, Original Gift Ideas for New Moms

During my first year as a new mom, I came across, received and rewarded myself with some fabulous gifts that totally transformed my parenting experience. Although you're likely bombarded with gift-giving ideas, there's nothing like finding that one present that someone can't live without and didn't even know they needed.
04/16/2015 12:52 EDT
Tips on Flying with

Tips on Flying with Infants

As a mom to a one-year-old and step-mom to a 10-year-old I am far from a parenting expert. But what I am an expert in is flying with kids. Here's how we survived so many excursions with a baby.
04/05/2015 10:13 EDT
How to Cope With a Colicky Infant (Without Losing Your

How to Cope With a Colicky Infant (Without Losing Your Mind)

There aren't many words that truly captivate the essence of a constant baby cry on top of extreme sleep deprivation, emotional landslides, sore, leaking breasts and a recovering lower region. Well, I can think of a few but they aren't fit for print.
03/22/2015 11:58 EDT