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Anita Reynolds MacArthur

Author of MacCheeky children's books, editor (K-12), blogger at Sugarblue Mojo, wife, and mom to three chili beans

Born and raised in Montreal, Anita Reynolds MacArthur is the author of the award-winning MacCheeky picture book series (also available as apps on iTunes). Anita is also an editor in educational publishing for K-12, she writes the lifestyle blog Sugarblue Mojo and is a contributor at Dandelion Moms. Anita currently resides in a Toronto suburb with her husband, three children, and the family dog Goober.
I'm Learning to Let My Kids Spread Their Simon Winnall via Getty Images

I'm Learning to Let My Kids Spread Their Wings

There are truckloads of information about how to prep your children on how to cope when they go to sleepaway camp (or when they are away from you for a stretch of time). Where are the helpful hints and tips for the parents who are left behind? How do parents cope when they are faced with a very sudden (albeit temporary) empty nest?
08/05/2015 06:13 EDT