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Ankie Spitzer

Spokesperson, Lobbyist

For the past 40 years, Ankie Spitzer has sought recognition for the 11 Israeli athletes who were murdered at the 1972 Munich Olympics. As the widow of Andrei Spitzer, the fencing coach who was among those killed, she acts as a spokesperson for the athletes' surviving family members, lobbying the International Olympic Committee repeatedly for a moment of silence during the opening ceremony of the Olympics. She vowed that she would make sure the world would never forget what had happened in Munich and has dedicated much energy to keeping the athletes' memory alive. Today she works in Israel as a freelance correspondent.
Why I'm Requesting a Moment of Silence at the

Why I'm Requesting a Moment of Silence at the Olympics

In 1972, violence and tragedy struck 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team, including my husband Andrei, were murdered in a terrible act of violence. For the past 40 years, I, along with the families of the other ten victims, have called on the International Olympic Committee to honor our loved ones' memories by observing a minute of silence at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.
07/27/2012 07:55 EDT