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Anna Giannone

Certified Master Coach Practitioner, Co-parenting Coach, International Bestselling Author, Certified Facilitator and Parent Instructor, Paradigm Shifter for Co-parenting, Proud Stepmom

My name is Anna Giannone, As Founder and Coach of Co-parenting in Harmony, I enjoy coaching Co-parents on how to transition from hurtful experiences with their ex-spouse to a civil and respectful conversations for the sake of the children.

I am a Certified Coach Practitioner, Certified Facilitator, Certified Parent Instructor, Paradigm Shifter for Co-parenting and Best Selling Author.

As a Certified Coach Practitioner and Co-parenting Coach, I provide Co-parenting tools to help you build an approach on how to improve and achieve a Co-parenting harmony outcome. My speciality is to guide divorced parents to transition from out of their spouse-partner’s mindset, to a parent-mindset where they can Co-parent in harmony. With my support, I will assist you to build civil and respectful relationships between Co-parents and Step-parents for a stronger Co-parenting team, in order to create a harmonious family environment all in the best interest of your child. Think Harmony!