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Anna Wallner

TV Host, Executive Producer

Anna Wallner is the president and a founding partner of Worldwide Bag Media Inc., a leader in lifestyle and reality entertainment television. Co-creator, host, and executive producer of the hit series "Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag," "Anna & Kristina’s Beauty Call," and "The Shopping Bags," Anna continues to focus on growing the A&K brand. She also serves as executive producer on all other WBM shows, including consumer health program "Buy.o.logic" for OWN Canada, and the adventure food show "Get Stuffed" for OLN. Anna received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia and completed the graduate journalism program at the University of King’s College in Halifax. In 1994, she returned to Vancouver to begin her television career for Global News, where she spent five years as a reporter and anchor.
Hey Dude, Pull Up Your

Hey Dude, Pull Up Your Pants

Seated at the five-star establishment where we were dining, I looked around at all the other women in the room who had clearly made a similar effort. Nice work, ladies. And then my eyes wandered to the boys, I mean men, in the room. There were sweatshirts everywhere. Too-long pants sitting below the butt crack, scuffed sneakers, and yes, baseball caps. Some even turned off-centre.
03/18/2013 03:18 EDT
The Reality Behind Reality

The Reality Behind Reality TV

Here's the reality of reality TV> I can't tell you much about exactly what we were doing because that would ruin the show. But let me just say this: I only made it to day two before I cried. Almost every single member of our crew was brought to tears at some point, mostly due to sheer exhaustion.
01/28/2013 06:39 EST