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Anne Day

Founder, Company of Women

Anne Day is the Founder of Company of Women, an organization that supports women in business -- <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. <br> <br> She is the author of <em>Day by Day - Tales of business, life and everything in between</em>. and Editor of <em>One Red Lipstick</em> Contact her at <br> <br> She has recently launched Full Circle Publishing to help authors take their books from concept to completion. <a href="" rel="nofollow"> </a>
Recipe For Partnership

Recipe For Partnership Success

When an alliance works well, it means that you've determined and agreed on the end goal – the results you both want to achieve.
07/19/2017 12:29 EDT
Do You Feel Good

Do You Feel Good Enough?

You'd be surprised at how many women don't. For the last three years I have been immersed in co-authoring a book on why women
05/17/2017 03:33 EDT
So You Want To Write A

So You Want To Write A Book...

It has become clear to me recently that not only do people not know where to start, but often they don't know what to write about. As someone who just writes, because I love writing, I have come to understand that it is not that way for everyone.
06/07/2016 05:01 EDT
How To Deal With

How To Deal With Disappointment

All of us face disappointment at some time in our lives but like everything else that is often beyond our control, it's what we do with it that can change the outcome. While it may not feel it right now, this could be the best thing that has happened to you and the universe is telling you something, so pay attention to the doors that may be opening for you.
04/25/2016 01:07 EDT
Resilient Women Keep Calm And Carry

Resilient Women Keep Calm And Carry On

"It is what it is." That was the mantra of the women who shared their stories in One Red Lipstick, a book and documentary about the resilience of women. In each instance, life had dealt them a curveball, but instead of curling up in the fetal position, they just faced it head on and pragmatically carried on with their lives.
03/08/2016 11:34 EST
Does The Immigrant Experience Foster

Does The Immigrant Experience Foster Entrepreneurship?

When we came to Canada, my husband and I arrived with no jobs. With the confidence of youth, we were positive it would all work out well. And it did. It was also our first clue that entrepreneurship was our destiny because we were accustomed to ambiguity and taking risks.
02/09/2016 11:44 EST
When Ordinary Is No Longer An

When Ordinary Is No Longer An Option

One Red Lipstick, both the book and documentary, is about resilience. It's about how women when faced with challenges and obstacles, grit their teeth, and ploughed on, not letting the "stuff" of life hold them back. They were determined that what had happened wasn't going to stop them.
01/19/2016 03:25 EST
You Must Choose to Succeed in Order to Get

You Must Choose to Succeed in Order to Get Ahead

I've found that once I've made a major decision, it wasn't as scary as I thought it was, and I wonder what too me so long. When you step outside your unhappiness, you find that there is a life and it is there for the taking. It is just getting over that first hurdle of making a move and once you've jumped that... you can win. You can get ahead.
10/04/2015 06:27 EDT
I Need a GPS To Navigate Canada's Healthcare

I Need a GPS To Navigate Canada's Healthcare System

Right now the strategy seems to be to make it as difficult as possible for families to navigate the system and find the care their loved one needs. There are so many rules which means that the patient isn't eligible for this or doesn't qualify for that.
02/05/2015 12:45 EST
Does Putting on Red Lipstick Make you

Does Putting on Red Lipstick Make you Strong?

At the first One Red Lipstick Live event, and nine brave women had stepped forward to give us a glimpse into their lives. They had ten minutes to talk and their presentation was being videotaped which would be enough to make many people truly nervous.
10/15/2014 12:55 EDT
Marketing's Hot New Trend: One Message, Many

Marketing's Hot New Trend: One Message, Many Audiences

One of the challenges we face when we start out, is we really don't know what will take off, so we dabble in a range of ideas, and I actually still believe this is a good way to go. But pay attention. Watch closely as to what is the most popular and perhaps, given my new insights, think about who else could benefit from what you are doing.
10/06/2014 12:53 EDT
Ladies, Don't Allow Judgement From Others To Cloud Your

Ladies, Don't Allow Judgement From Others To Cloud Your Judgement

While we can't control what others think of us, what we can control is how we react. So how do we get over this fierce judgment we place on ourselves? Part, I am sure is letting go of perfectionism, lowering our expectations and realizing if you have done your best, that should be enough. I know, easier said than done.
09/03/2014 12:24 EDT
Top 10 Tips for New

Top 10 Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of new entrepreneurs. I often compare starting a business to motherhood -- both involve excitement, joy and complete fear and self doubt as to whether you are up for the job -- be it as a business owner or parent. Here are some pointers for new entrepreneurs.
08/20/2014 12:36 EDT
Do Formal Mentoring Programs

Do Formal Mentoring Programs Work?

People are saying that "everyone needs a mentor." And probably we do, but it is finding one that is the challenge. In a world of "what's in it for me" offering training and leadership opportunities to encourage people to step forward as mentors may be the way to go.
07/15/2014 12:47 EDT