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Anne Day

Founder, Company of Women

Anne Day is the Founder of Company of Women, an organization that supports women in business -- <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. <br> <br> She is the author of <em>Day by Day - Tales of business, life and everything in between</em>. and Editor of <em>One Red Lipstick</em> Contact her at <br> <br> She has recently launched Full Circle Publishing to help authors take their books from concept to completion. <a href="" rel="nofollow"> </a>
Why 60 Is Not the New

Why 60 Is Not the New 40

They say that 60 is the new 40, which of course, is good to hear, but women my age are not facing the same issues as our 40-year old sisters. It really is a time of transition as relationships and friendships change; people retire and move away or your body betrays you and you find yourself unable to ignore symptoms you've been trying to deny.
02/13/2012 09:46 EST
Venus vs. Mars in Networking: Who

Venus vs. Mars in Networking: Who Wins?

Women are more patient and are prepared to wait before finalizing the sale, which men would likely argue is not time efficient. But if in the long term it nets the same result, who is to quibble over the strategy to getting there?
01/28/2012 10:20 EST
How to Find the Perfect

How to Find the Perfect Customer

In a recent survey of women entrepreneurs we asked what was their biggest challenge was. Consistently the answer was finding customers. In this tight economy, finding customers is crucial to staying alive, but sometimes it pays to think longer and deeper about who would make the perfect customer.
01/26/2012 11:33 EST
A Family

A Family Affair

Having worked for seven years with my daughter, I know first-hand that the working relationship can be fraught with difficulties. It is all too easy to slip into the usual pecking order, with mother, of course, always knowing best.
01/16/2012 12:30 EST
Give Less, Donate

Give Less, Donate More

Like my parents before me, I have tended to go a bit overboard in the present department, vowing each year that I would buy less, and give more. Well, this year I can proudly say I've done it. I am not sure whether it was the weather, the state of the economy, or losing some special friends this year, but I've found it harder to get into the Christmas mood, so I have shopped less and donated more.
12/23/2011 04:04 EST
Are You Ready to

Are You Ready to Die?

When it comes to our own plans, think of how much easier it would be for our loved ones if we have made it clear ahead of time what we want when that final day arrives. Now I am not planning on checking out any time soon, but when I do I am ready.
12/14/2011 09:10 EST
Is Work Hurting My

Is Work Hurting My Friendships?

If you are doing well and the other person is not, jealousy can raise its ugly head, eating away at the bones of the friendship until they are raw and bare. And while I hate to speak ill of my sex, sometimes with a group of women it feels like we are back in high school. Well, I've graduated and want no part of it.
12/06/2011 08:52 EST
Eight Ways to Rethink and Redesign Your

Eight Ways to Rethink and Redesign Your Business

It's a changing world of business, and if our businesses are to survive, we need to be flexible and prepared to change how we do business. It's time to reflect, rethink and redesign what we do.
11/30/2011 01:45 EST
Early Mammograms Can Save

Early Mammograms Can Save Lives

The news this week that the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care is <a href="" target="_hplink">recommending</a> that women under 50 do not receive mammograms and do not receive breast examinations as part of a regular physical examination just horrifies me. If that had been the "rule of the day" over 20 years ago, I would probably be dead now.
11/24/2011 03:28 EST
Why Do Women Entrepreneurs Fare Worse Than

Why Do Women Entrepreneurs Fare Worse Than Men?

There are over 900,000 women entrepreneurs in Canada, and while women are launching businesses at a faster rate than men, in the long term their businesses do not grow as fast as their male counterparts, which led us to ask why?
11/16/2011 03:27 EST
Why You Should

Why You Should "Date" Your Business Partner

When I look at the partnerships that haven't worked, I can see now that part of the reason why was that we didn't share the same values. We hadn't taken the time to really get to know one another -- to discuss our vision, or to agree on goals and the desired outcome.
11/08/2011 09:21 EST
The Myth of Work-Life

The Myth of Work-Life Balance

I know when my children were young, I intentionally put my career on hold. I just instinctively knew I couldn't handle both, and my children were my priority. But I also don't think we should become martyrs to motherhood either and I recognize that taking a break or reducing your involvement can limit your future success.
10/31/2011 02:31 EDT
Starting a Business Is Like

Starting a Business Is Like Motherhood

I often compare starting a business with motherhood. It is almost as if there is a code of secrecy. No one wants to tell you what it is really like. No one wants to spell out the down times. The sleep deprivation. The sense of rejection when no one calls you. And no one wants to admit that it was less than perfect for her.
10/17/2011 12:06 EDT