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Anne Lagace Dowson

Journalist and commentator

Political analyst: in English CJAD, CTV, in French, MAtv, HuffPost.
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How Will Trudeau Help Lift His Papineau Riding Out Of Poverty?

Congratulations to the Liberal Party of Canada on its spectacular victory, and egalitarian new Cabinet. Now that the campaigning is over and the real work starts, I thought I would share a few stories about some of the people in Justin Trudeau's riding of Papineau. Observers rank Papineau one of the poorest ridings in Canada. Going door to door in Park Ex, and in St Michel, I saw too many basement apartments choking with mold and mildew. Too many families crowded into small apartments. Too many qualified people with no jobs, or working in jobs well below their qualifications. The sharp poverty hit home dramatically one evening.
11/13/2015 02:16 EST

Why There Will Never Be Another Jean Beliveau

Béliveau was much admired for his fidelity -- to his team, to the church, and to his family. Béliveau was that rare thing -- an athlete who could comfortably rub shoulders with the mucky mucks, the Desmarais' of Power Corporation, the Gillettes and Molsons who owned the team.
12/09/2014 04:48 EST

The Life and Times of Jamie Hubley

Some of the kids who say things like "that is so gay" probably don't mean it and don't really understand what they are saying. But words are weapons. They have power and meaning. They wound.
10/27/2011 11:37 EDT