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Annie Claire Bergeron-Oliver

Reporter at iPolitics

Annie Claire Bergeron-Oliver is pursuing a Masters degree at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in New York City and is in the broadcast concentration. In 2011, Annie graduated with honors from University of Toronto with Bachelor of Physical Education, Health and Kinesiology and a minor in Political Science. While at U of T, Annie interned at MTV Canada and wrote for the Varsity Newspaper. She is currently interning at the CBC’s New York and United Nations offices. She has written and produced for, and CBC Radio The World This Weekend. Annie is Canadian fluent in French and English. You can follow her on Twitter at @AnnieClaireBO.
In Sderot, Life Is Under

In Sderot, Life Is Under Attack

Fifteen seconds is the difference between life and death for residents in a small village 100 kilometers from Jerusalem. In Sderot, an agricultural village just a stone's throw from the Gaza border, the fear of attack weighs heavy on everyone's mind.
07/15/2013 05:14 EDT
Why Deny Women Access to the Western

Why Deny Women Access to the Western Wall?

Police barricades blocked hundreds of Women of the Wall supporters, a liberal Jewish women's group, who are demanding equality of worship at the Western Wall. Current customs prevent females from wearing prayer shawls and from praying and reading the Torah aloud, as men are permitted to do.
07/09/2013 12:17 EDT
Are Energy Drinks Worth Dying

Are Energy Drinks Worth Dying For?

It's crunch time at university, and students all over the country are searching for the secret to instant knowledge. And caffeine, a stimulant that arouses your central nervous system and improves your performance both physically and mentally, is usually a top study aid. Just last week, the <em>New York Times</em> wrote an article that connected the energy drink 5-hour Energy to 13 fatalities in the United States. A string of recent articles have connected various energy drinks to cases of serious side-effects, including death, so why incorporate them into your an exam routine?
11/21/2012 11:24 EST
Saudi Arabia Still Won't Pass the Olympic Torch to Female

Saudi Arabia Still Won't Pass the Olympic Torch to Female Athletes

For the first time, two Saudi Arabian women have publicly stated their interest in participating in the Olympic movement. But the Middle Eastern nation has never sent a female to the Olympics and doesn't plan on it anytime soon. There are currently 153 youth leagues supported by the Saudi government, yet all blatantly exclude female participation. Is it time for the Olympic Committee to take a stand?
06/07/2012 05:06 EDT
Want a Future in Journalism? Move to

Want a Future in Journalism? Move to Kenya.

One of the busiest new markets for global channels is a surprising one: East Africa. Why? The media business operates with relative freedom from government interference. In addition to larger salaries, reporters who move to an international network often get greater television exposure and travel opportunities.
04/21/2012 11:37 EDT
Syria: An Assignment Worse Than

Syria: An Assignment Worse Than Hell

"Reporters should be ready for interrogation. They should clear their Facebook page and have no Syrian contacts on it," says CBS correspondent Clarissa Ward, who recently snuck in and out of Syria. "If I'm caught, I'll spend time in jail and be used as a political bargaining chip."
02/25/2012 11:43 EST