Annie Horcasitas

Mom and Cancer Survivor

Annie Horcasitas has taken a break from teaching to raise her two (soon to be three!) young boys. She lives just outside of NYC with her family, where they focus much of their life around food, and any remaining energy on dance parties and karaoke. Annie is the blogger behind <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> where you can laugh at her embarrassing moments, gossip about mommy politics, drool over easy recipes or read about urine...which seems to somehow play way too large of a role in her life.
Surviving Cancer Made Me Realize I Like Fewer

Surviving Cancer Made Me Realize I Like Fewer People

My whole life, I have always cast a wide net when meeting new people. And the mesh was tight. All were scooped up, all were brought in close, barely any escaped through the tiny holes. I have been told I am friendly -- typically meant as a compliment -- but cancer taught me that even good things require moderation.
08/23/2013 08:38 EDT