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Annie Kashamura Zawadi

Gender Specialist, Writer & Speaker

Annie Kashamura Zawadi is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is a Gender Specialist, a Women’s Rights, advocate, writer, speaker, coach and panelist with 15 years of global experience in the fields of gender based violence, women’s political participation and representation, girls’ leadership, women’s economic empowerment and boys and men’s engagement in the search of equality. Through International Development organizations including Crossroads International, she has worked in Ghana, Togo, Canada, France, Tanzania, Swaziland and the DR Congo developing, monitoring and evaluating multi-sectorial partnerships and programs. Her work has been recognized by different Awards.
A Letter Of Gratitude To My Canadian

A Letter Of Gratitude To My Canadian Sponsors

My children and I were strangers, and you welcomed us. I will forever be grateful to you all. And as we see thousands of Canadians doing what you, my sponsors, did for my family, I can only be grateful to all of them as well, and tell the new Syrian refugees that they are in good hands.
01/04/2016 01:15 EST
Victims Of Violence Deserve Unconditional Access To Legal

Victims Of Violence Deserve Unconditional Access To Legal Aid

Zahra Mahamoud Abdille and her two sons fled violence and sought refuge in a Toronto women's shelter. Zahra did the right thing. She wanted to leave the abusive life behind her for good and start a new life free of violence. And thus, she contemplated a divorce. However, such an endeavour requires resources, including legal fees that were beyond her means. Once again, Zahra, did the right thing: she applied for legal aid to proceed with her separation and divorce papers. Sadly, Zahra was denied legal aid because she was working and had a "decent" income.
12/30/2015 05:11 EST
This Poem Slams Gender

This Poem Slams Gender Inequality

We are beaten; we are burned, stabbed, We are sold; we are raped, and killed In times of peace and in times of war We are powerless.
12/04/2015 02:51 EST