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Annita McPhee

President, Tahltan Central Council

Annita McPhee is in her third term as president of the Tahltan Central Council. She is a powerful advocate for advancing the social, cultural and economic prosperity of First Nations in Canada.

Supreme Court Ruling Paves Way For Tahltan's Own Land Case

Without Tahltan consent, and against the clear wishes that our people have expressed, Fortune Minerals continues to press ahead with its plans to build the Arctos Anthracite open-pit coal mine on Mount Klappan in Tahltan territory. We will continue to work hard for our people and hope both the province and Fortune see that their current approach is not working, and the current path they are on is the wrong one.
07/03/2014 05:11 EDT
Paul Colangelo

Conflict Will Be The Norm If Mining Company Ignores Our Concerns

Fortune's actions pose risks for not only their project, but also for development elsewhere in our territory. If our values and rights aren't protected and respected in critical areas such as the Sacred Headwaters, we will view the risks of development as far outweighing the benefits. Conflict could become the norm, not the exception.
05/05/2014 05:24 EDT