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Anthony Lopopolo

Sports Writer, Journalist

Anthony Lopopolo is a 22-year-old Italian-Canadian freelance sports writer and an unabashed apologist for all things soccer. A graduate from Ryerson University's school of journalism in Toronto, Anthony has his heart set on one day covering the game around Europe and the world. Since going to Italy to watch his beloved AC Milan in May 2012, he has become infatuated with the sport. Anthony has written for such publications as The National newspaper and the National Post, and has also appeared on national radio to talk soccer.
Why Christine Sinclair Is Above FIFA's Award AP

Why Christine Sinclair Is Above FIFA's Award Snub

FIFA omitted Sinclair from its shortlist of players named for the female player of the year award. The Canadian soccer captain has influenced a whole generation of girls and boys who want to achieve what she has done. There is no trophy or accolade that, none that can measure her effect on Canadian soccer. So no, FIFA, your awards probably mean nothing to her.
11/30/2012 05:15 EST
Why Christine Sinclair Should be Canada's AP

Why Christine Sinclair Should be Canada's Flag-Bearer

Christine Sinclair, the tournament-leading six-goal scorer in women's soccer at the Olympics, meets the criteria of what many Canadians consider necessary in the role of a captain. She does not seek the spotlight, but it always, invariably, finds her. Sinclair showed the way. And she should do it again on Sunday as Canada's flag-bearer in the Closing Ceremony.
08/12/2012 12:04 EDT