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Anthony Macri

Director of Social Media,

Anthony Neal Macri is the Director of Social Media for His expertise lies in digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and social media. A true Internet maven, Anthony also works as a consultant, helping businesses successfully launch into the online world.
He has earned a double major in political science and economics from Lakehead University and stays up to speed with the marketing industry by attending the yearly SES Conference and Expo in Toronto.
Do Cheaters Drink More AP

Do Cheaters Drink More Coffee?

Our latest survey shows that those who enjoy more than three cups of coffee a day could be more inclined to have an affair. Our average member guzzles 4.5 cups a day, surpassing the Canadian average of 3.2 cups (according to an Ipsos Reid poll). We raise a cup of Joe to all coffee-loving cheaters on our site and share with spouses what they should watch out for!
10/05/2012 12:07 EDT