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Anthony Reinhart

Staff writer, Communitech

Anthony Reinhart joined Communitech, the enabling organization for Waterloo Region’s fast-growing technology sector, as staff writer in 2011. A native of Waterloo Region, he came to Communitech after eight years as a Toronto-based staff writer with The Globe and Mail, where he covered news, feature and investigative assignments. He had previously worked as a reporter at the Waterloo Region Record, where his journalism earned numerous honours, including a National Newspaper Award. He can be reached at
How Healthy Is Your News

How Healthy Is Your News Diet?

Where once it was left to professional journalists to feed us what we needed to know, we can now choose the news we want to hear, buffet-style, from the internet, where virtually anyone can publish or share anything. Buffets are great, of course, but there's always a temptation to bypass the broccoli and head straight for the brownies.
04/24/2012 07:51 EDT