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Anthony Wile

Active advisor/investor, business strategist, consultant, markets commentator, author/publisher, CEO of Wile Group Ltd.

Founder and CEO of The Wile Group Ltd. in Toronto, Anthony Wile is a business strategist actively advising and investing in the cannabis industry and other promising sectors. Wile is the author of four well-received libertarian-leaning economics and investment books and publisher of numerous editorials and exclusive interviews. His writings and media appearances have been widely circulated via both mainstream and Internet-based media outlets. Mr. Wile is actively involved with several non-profit charitable foundations focused on advancing educational opportunities for disadvantaged children.
The Cannabis Industry Needs To Clean Up Its OpenRangeStock via Getty Images

The Cannabis Industry Needs To Clean Up Its Act

Cannabis cultivation operations are dumping sediment, pesticides, fertilizers and trash into the rivers, diverting water for irrigation which has left some riverbeds dry and others unable to sustain the wildlife that depend on the region's waterways, and killing large numbers of wildlife with rodenticides meant to keep rats out of the cannabis plants.
09/22/2016 10:29 EDT