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Anuradha Dugal

Director, Violence Prevention Programs at Canadian Women’s Foundation

Anu has been Director of Violence Prevention Programs at Canadian Women’s Foundation for 6 years and previous to that was a Board Member (2002 – 2007) and Chair of the Violence Prevention Committee .She is currently responsible for all national strategies related to violence against women and girls and teen violence prevention. This includes grant making, knowledge mobilization, program enhancement, convening and coalition building. Whenever possible, Anu spreads the word of the great work that the Foundation is doing through media opportunities such as op-eds, blogs, interviews and social media.

She has also worked in fundraising at the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University, and prior to that was Executive Director of the Quebec Chapter of Leave Out Violence from 2001 to 2005. Her first major achievement after becoming a Canadian citizen in 1999 was to join the team at the Fédération de femmes du Québec organizing the international coalition of women’s groups that made up the World March of Women. Before coming to Canada she was a high-school language teacher, specializing in girls’ education and working in the UK and Japan.
Anu is very involved in social issues (violence against women and girls, teen violence, gender equality, urban agriculture and sustainable development) and she sits on both the advisory group for 'Making Women Count at Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the Board of Directors of Royal Lepage Shelter Foundation. Anu is currently a part-time student at HEC Montreal, where she is perfecting business skills in leadership and project management. She is enjoys gardening, knitting, walking and visiting Canada’s beautiful wilderness. She is supported unstintingly by husband, Michael Hind, and her three boys, who she is raising to be feminists.
What Will It Take To End Sexual

What Will It Take To End Sexual Assault?

There are many cases of sexual assault and harassment that never get reported, because our society normalizes them. Most women have had these experiences in a bar, in the street, in the gym, in a place of work, by a friend, by a co-worker, by a partner. Unwanted sexual touching and groping is ALWAYS sexual assault. We need to see this, name it and end it.
05/11/2016 10:43 EDT
V-Day for Healthy

V-Day for Healthy Relationships

Since Valentine's Day is just round the corner, some of you probably have big plans. Perhaps it's a special date night or a couple's massage. Maybe you've already booked the babysitter, scheduled your mani-pedi or bought new lingerie. Not me.
02/09/2015 05:56 EST
I Am a Feminist Because It's Still Not Safe to Be a

I Am a Feminist Because It's Still Not Safe to Be a Woman

Today is the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which kicks off 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. This year has seen an explosion of women speaking out against abuse and public discussion about the crisis of violence against women. But in every other way, nothing much has changed.
11/25/2014 08:07 EST