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Anya Bruder

Helping women to counteract the negative effects of chronic stress on their health and happiness

Anya Bruder is a certified Stress Management Coach & Life Coach who helps busy women regain control over their stressful lives to prevent a long-term impact of chronic stress on their health. This is mostly done through Mental Stress Competence Training and aims at helping women to live the wonderful life they are meant to live. <br> <br> If you are ready to take some crucial steps to gain back control of your life, please visit and download her free eBook and Relaxation Audio. <br> <br> A German and Canadian citizen, Anya currently resides in Cranbrook, BC, Canada.
Changing Your Thought Patterns Can Help You Manage

Changing Your Thought Patterns Can Help You Manage Stress

The power of manifestation and visualization is a bit more complex than just changing your thoughts. In part, one reason for this has been shown in recent neurobiological research which has shown that our though patterns are biologically wired in the brain, which are not easy to "undo."
08/10/2016 11:36 EDT