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Ardath Whynacht


Ardath Whynacht is a poet, youth advocate and professor in Halifax. She has run community-based art programs for over a decade, including poetry and performance classes in a Federal prison. She teaches gender studies, sociology and criminology, and writes and researches about the relationship between culture, mental health and prisons.
Don't Buy What Rape Culture CBC News

Don't Buy What Rape Culture Sells

Last week, I also sat trembling and speechless in my classroom at SMU where I teach on issues of youth, culture and crime. The whole campus is in crisis mode after videos of the rape chant surfaced online and received national media attention. In class yesterday, we had a discussion about Miley Cyrus. While my small town is in the middle of a shit storm of sexual violence and social distress, Miley's new video is breaking records. And this week, millions of YouTube and Vevo viewers told the Entertainment Industrial Complex that rape culture sells.
09/13/2013 12:22 EDT