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Ardeshir Zarezadeh

Executive Director, International Center for Human rights

Hassan Zarezadeh Ardeshir, known as Ardeshir Zarezadeh, is an Iranian-Canadian award winning human rights and political activist, who lives in Toronto. He is the executive director of the Toronto-based human rights organization "The International Center for Human Rights".

This organization was created in 2010 in Canada. Ardeshir is also a free-lance journalist and writer, whose articles appear on most-viewed online agencies and papers.

He is a former political prisoner in Iran and founder of first student human rights organization "The Student Committee for the Defense of political Prisoners" in 1998 in Tehran.
Are We Responding to the Biggest Humanitarian Emergency of Our ASSOCIATED PRESS

Are We Responding to the Biggest Humanitarian Emergency of Our Era?

Due to effects of the Syrian war and the rise of the Islamic State, there has been a dramatic influx of millions of people seeking refugee status in countries of first asylum. This refugee crisis is the result of failure in dealing with Syria and Bashar Asad's dictatorship, not to mention ISIL. Now, the humanitarian effort is failing, too.
09/01/2015 05:23 EDT
How Nelson Mandela's Words Inspired Me From FREDERIC J. BROWN via Getty Images

How Nelson Mandela's Words Inspired Me From Prison

Since I read Mandela's book, Long Walk to Freedom, in Iran's Evin prison in 2000, I felt stronger and more committed to my activism work. He gave me hope and power to fight against the Iranian dictatorship. What's even more amazing is that every one of my cell mates were reading his book as well. I'll never forget what his words gave me.
12/10/2013 05:43 EST