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Ari Van Assche

Professor, International Business, HEC Montreal

Ari Van Assche is a professor in the department of international business at HEC Montréal and a research fellow at CIRANO. He is the author of Global Value Chains and Canada’s Trade Policy: Business as Usual or Paradigm Shift? a study published by the Institute for Research on Public Policy.

Is "Made in Canada" the New "Made in China"?

Canada's entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations last week has been hailed as a new direction for the country's trade policy. It would be wise for Canadian policy makers to also bring to the table new views on trade. Canada's position on trade has been based on clear national identities ("Made in Canada"). But countries are more and more relying on imported inputs to produce their exports. For instance, Canada produces only 70 per cent of its exports value at home, with imported inputs accounting for the remaining 30 per cent.
10/15/2012 05:41 EDT