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Arielle Brown

Dental Hygienist

My name is Arielle Brown and I am a twenty-something registered dental hygienist living in Vancouver, BC. I attended the University of British Columbia where I received my Bachelor of Dental Science degree. When I am not temping or working at my part time dental office, I am either looking for work, at the local swimming pool, where I am a part time lifeguard and swimming instructor, walking my golden retriever, or cheering on the Vancouver Canucks.
'I Never Expected to Leave Such a Long Trail of

'I Never Expected to Leave Such a Long Trail of Resumes'

<img alt="2013-03-27-GenerationJobless.jpg" src="" width="300" height="75" /> With such high hopes, I never expected to leave such a long trail of resumes and feel so lost in a sea of interviews that have yet to produce significant results. I never thought finding a job would be easy, but I truly did not believe the job market would be as saturated as it is.
03/27/2013 02:36 EDT