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Armand Birk

University Student

Armand Birk is a Student at the Uniersity of Alberta'a French Campus, Campus Saint-Jean. He has been involved with multiple levels of University Governance a the university, and is currently working towards a Bachelor of Music Degree..
The Paris Shooting Had Nothing To Do With the Majority of

The Paris Shooting Had Nothing To Do With the Majority of Muslims

I am not a Muslim. The driver had made the assumption that since the colour of my skin was brown, I must believe in Islam. Thirdly, not all who follow Islam are terrorists. In fact, the grand majority of them are not. A terrorist is someone who commits an act of terror. An act of terror is an act of violence or intimidation, done in the pursuit of political gain. One does not to be a member of any particular religion or creed to become a terrorist.
01/09/2015 09:52 EST
For Every Student, There Was A

For Every Student, There Was A Teacher

I am not an upset parent, I am not a teacher nor someone who is related to a teacher. I am a recently graduated French Immersion student. Though I may not hold any political, economic or sway of any other kind in the matter, I believe that my opinions represent a vast majority of the beliefs of the students of this province.
08/24/2014 12:10 EDT