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Arthur Gallant

Mental-health advocate

Arthur Gallant is a young adult dedicated to eliminating stigma surrounding mental health as well as raising awareness and educating the general public and mental health professionals. The child of a parent with an intellectual disability, Arthur has also dealt with mental-health difficulties such as severe anxiety and clinical depression. A former Crown Ward, Arthur uses his story to empower people and challenge the stereotypes surrounding mental health, but to also encourage people to step forward and seek help for their own mental-health difficulties.

In 2013, Arthur was 1 of 5 Canadians named as a Face of Mental Illness by the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health which is an initiative of Bell Let's Talk.

Arthur has been featured several times on TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin and in The Toronto Star, CBC's The National , CTV News Channel, The Globe and Mail, CHCH's Square Off, and an educational video for the Canadian Mental Health Association (Ontario Chapter)
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If We Always Talked About Suicide This Much, We'd Be Better Off

The moment a celebrity or somebody takes his or her life we, as a society, are all over it. It makes me think if we talked about suicide this much when it wasn't in the news due to something like Williams' death we would be better off. In addition to talking about Williams let's also talk about the thousands of other "normal" people who also died of suicide today.
08/12/2014 08:50 EDT

Doug Ford Is Wrong: Group Homes Thrive In Neighborhoods

People with mental illness are not violent as Doug Ford suggests. They are deserving of being given the opportunity to live in the community like everybody else. There is no denying there will be the odd disturbance. However, I hope the neighbors give The Griffin Centre a chance.
05/18/2014 11:31 EDT
Meng Yiren via Getty Images

Regrets --- I Have None

I'd like to think I'm a little young to be blogging about this yet I find it interesting as well. I was recently asked by my therapist if there are any events in my life that I regret. Do I regret bei...
05/17/2014 10:05 EDT
Paul Seheult/Eye Ubiquitous

Not Everyone With Mental Illness Needs Medication

Don't get me wrong; medication is a great treatment option for people with mental illness but it is only one component of treatment. I have taken medication in the past and likely will again in the future. At this point in time, my medical team and I agree it should not be apart of my treatment plan.
04/07/2014 07:37 EDT

Mental Health: There Should Be No Such Thing as a Free Spech

I am writing this blog on behalf of plenty of other people with life experience who want to share their story but can't afford to. Life experience is invaluable in order for the mental health agenda to move forward in this country organizations need to hear firsthand from us. People with lived experience are experts and nobody should expect us to work or always provide our services for free.
03/23/2014 09:03 EDT

Why I'm Boycotting Tim Hortons

Like many Canadians I love to indulge in a cup of Tim Hortons coffee. They're Canadian, there are lots of them, and they're affordable. And who doesn't love their infamous Rrrrollll Up The Rim to Win contest? But I am willing to put my pride aside and in fact boycott Tim Hortons indefinitely.
03/13/2014 12:21 EDT

Restraints Are Overused on Patients With Mental Illness

In my experience restraints can be traumatic for somebody and usually intensify a situation. I urge the correctional and healthcare system in Ontario to undertake a serious review as to how restraints are used on people because how they're currently being used in my opinion is nothing short of unacceptable, degrading, and inhumane.
03/10/2014 05:43 EDT

How Mental Health Organizations Lose Credibility

As many people know I am a stigma fighter and I tend to almost over-analyze as to why stigma exists and how it can be eliminated. It is true, I believe the word 'stigma' is an overused word/term but a...
02/12/2014 12:04 EST
Miami PD Dept

If Bieber Was on Anti-Depressants, He Should Be Praised, Not Mocked

On the January 23, 2014 episode of The View and just hours after Bieber was arrested, the subject of his arrest came up. It's been alleged that Bieber was found with medication at the time of his arrest which are rumoured to be anti-depressants. Journalist, creator, and co-host of The View Barbara Walters stated that she had no idea what Bieber had to be depressed about. If Bieber has depression or some form of mental illness, then I commend him for seeking treatment. What Walters said in relation to Bieber is a widely-held misconception.
01/24/2014 08:01 EST
Tim Robberts via Getty Images

Being Gay Isn't Why I'm Depressed

More than once as a young person (and even in adulthood) I've encountered professionals who believe my sexual orientation is the cause of my depression. I've also encountered professionals old enough to be my grandparents who suggest my sexual orientation is a mental illness in itself. It is why I remain skeptical to this day of seeking treatment; especially with a professional I've never met before.
12/16/2013 12:25 EST

Stop Using Our Personal Mental Health Records Against Us

Independence and privacy: These are two very valuable things that we cherish in our daily lives; many of us have a habit of taking them for granted. But for those with mental illness like myself it appears as if we now have to fight vigorously to maintain our independence and privacy.
12/07/2013 11:40 EST

Inside My Depression

Imagine how you felt on the absolute worst day of your life when something really bad happened to you or somebody you love. Now take away that horrible event but keep those intense emotions in place; that's depression.
11/24/2013 11:14 EST
Michael Blann via Getty Images

I Got Bullied on a Panel About Mental Health

After almost six months of being bullied I snapped and I lashed out. You may wonder why I didn't resign from the panel. It was because I felt like I was being pushed out through bullying and felt it was up to the organization to end it. During my lashing out I said some regrettable things and to this day I remain apologetic.
11/13/2013 12:12 EST

Rob Ford Has the Right to Deal With His Issues in Private

Since it was revealed Ford was allegedly smoking from a crack pipe in a video that the public has yet to see, some have been calling for Ford to take a leave of absence or resign. I get that Ford's conduct is raising eyebrows, but if it goes beyond stupidity then it isn't up to us to diagnose him. At the same time this is something that many people choose to undergo privately -- we need to respect those that make that choice.
11/05/2013 12:26 EST

Why Aren't Youth Workers Regulated in Ontario?

Approximately 40 professions in the province are professionally regulated such as doctors, lawyers, teachers and accountants. You would think that those who work with society's most vulnerable children and youth with complex emotional and mental health needs would have an oversight body. That is not the case.
10/28/2013 12:42 EDT

Canada's Two-Tiered Mental Health System

Canada prides itself on having a one-tiered healthcare system but it is clear to me only those with an overstuffed wallet who can afford ongoing mental health support outside of a hospital such as a psychologist or therapist.
09/17/2013 12:26 EDT

The Cost of Running Group Homes for Youth Needs To Change

This past week, I learned that a residential treatment program for youth (aka group home) in Welland, Ontario will be shutting its doors permanently at the end of November. Outside of my personal history growing up in group homes, this signals a much wider (and troublesome) trend in the world of child and youth workers.
09/09/2013 07:51 EDT

How Well Do Police Deal With Mentally Ill People?

Police are not social workers, they are not psychiatrists, they are not therapists. The police are tasked with keeping the community at large safe. This is a complicated subject that has society divided and the law enforcement and mental health communities are struggling to find common ground.
09/03/2013 12:19 EDT

It Doesn't Matter What You Call Us - Stigma Hurts

The most common titles I've heard mental health organizations and government use are: person with lived experience, survivor, advocate, patient, consumer, etc. However, I've heard some people take offence to one title while others asked to be described a certain way.
08/18/2013 11:16 EDT