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Arti Patel

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Arti Patel is an editor at the Huffington Post Canada covering lifestyle and viral content. A 2011 Ryerson University journalism grad, she generally covers health, women's issues, food, relationships, trends and coverage around diversity. Follow her on <a href="" rel="nofollow">Twitter @artipatel</a>
Waiting Hours In A Sweaty Line For The MMVAs Is Totally Worth

Waiting Hours In A Sweaty Line For The MMVAs Is Totally Worth It

It's that time of years again in downtown Toronto, where anxious teens from across the city (and province), huddle together in their tents and sleeping bags to wait in line for the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVAs). I've been to two MMVAs in my lifetime, and looking back now, I can tell you the line is definitely worth it.
06/05/2014 04:31 EDT
When Marriages Start To

When Marriages Start To Fail

Sheikh first met the man she was arranged to marry at a campus library in Lahore, Pakistan in 1988. To her, he was unremarkable
05/31/2014 02:27 EDT
I've Decided To Stop Shopping Until

I've Decided To Stop Shopping Until May

Last year I challenged myself to not buy new clothes for five months. While I just wanted to save in general, a financial expert I spoke to said closets end up being the biggest piles of "debt" and if you really look at what you own, you can actually see how much you spend. That day I went home and looked at my closet and it wasn't a pretty sight.
01/08/2014 12:14 EST
20 Most Annoying Digital

20 Most Annoying Digital Habits

They love posting countless selfies and pictures of food, babies and pets. Or maybe they're the more passive digital technology
10/16/2013 08:36 EDT
Is Cleavage At Work

Is Cleavage At Work Appropriate?

When it comes to workplace attire, there's no question the majority of women have lots of options. In the last 20 years, there's
10/08/2013 02:29 EDT
Will A New Indian Miss America Actually Change

Will A New Indian Miss America Actually Change Anything?

Moments after Indian-American Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America 2013, a flood of haters on Twitter (surprise, surprise) were quick to point out the beauty queen's non-white ethnicity. She responded with a simple message of embracing diversity and rising above racism. But while an Indian Miss America can certainly be a positive role model for other South Asian kids who are picked on for their brown skin, is being part of a beauty pageant the best way to send this message? As the history of pageants go, they've always been degrading.
09/16/2013 05:15 EDT