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Arti Patel

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Arti Patel is an editor at the Huffington Post Canada covering lifestyle and viral content. A 2011 Ryerson University journalism grad, she generally covers health, women's issues, food, relationships, trends and coverage around diversity. Follow her on Twitter @artipatel

India's Ugly Obsession with Lighter Skin Hits Close to Home, Too

As a kid, I quickly figured out my so-called "dark" brown skin was darker than most Indian girls and as a result, I become fascinated with fair skin. These days at 24, I'd like to think these things are part of my past but a recent article in the Guardian, "India's unfair obsession with lighter skin," is like a slap in the face -- an ongoing obsession with fair, lovely, beautiful skin here and there.
08/16/2013 03:27 EDT
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10 Things To Eat At The Ex

If you love bacon and anything deep-fried and delicious, it's time to head to the Ex. The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) kicks off on Friday, Aug. 16 until Monday Sept. 2 in Toronto, and just lik...
08/14/2013 02:13 EDT

Can This Help Canadian Smokers Quit?

TORONTO - A move to take advantage of rare advances in lung cancer treatment is being undermined by slow action on the part of provinces to pay for testing to determine which patients will benefit fro...
07/11/2013 11:02 EDT