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Asher Honickman

Civil Litigation Lawyer and President of the Advocates for the Rule of Law (

Asher Honickman is a civil litigation lawyer practicing in Toronto. He was called to the Ontario Bar in 2011.

Asher is the founding president of the Advocates for the Rule of Law, a legal think tank based out of Toronto dedicated to promoting the rule of law in the courts and in the Canadian government as a whole.

Asher appears regularly on the AM 640 legal panel to discuss the relevant legal issues of the day. Asher has also published on a wide range of legal topics, from personal injury to constitutional law.

In his spare time, Asher enjoys playing piano and guitar, reading and writing, along with traveling.
Why the Magna Carta Is Still ASSOCIATED PRESS

Why the Magna Carta Is Still Important

In sum, while Magna Carta certainly represents the enduring nature of our legal order, it also underscores just how fragile the rule of law is. As we rightly celebrate what we have held onto for so long, we must also recognize what could have been lost. Magna Carta, like our own Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is by itself only a document and is therefore only as good as those who are tasked with interpreting and enforcing its provisions.
06/18/2015 12:48 EDT
How to Reform the Senate Without a Constitutional ASSOCIATED PRESS

How to Reform the Senate Without a Constitutional Amendment

The senators themselves could also aid in this democratization process by self-imposing term limits. Once again, this would come to pass over time as a matter of convention, not legislation. The senators would legally be appointed to age 75, but as a more democratic culture took hold, they would face pressure to step down after X number of years.
05/06/2014 12:27 EDT