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Ashley Redmond

Writer and editor at Redmond Writes.

Ashley Redmond is the associate editor at Morningstar Canada. Her roles include writing feature articles on personal finance, video reports and commentary. A former reporter and editor at a radio station in Toronto, she is a journalism graduate of Humber College. Follow her on twitter @RedmondTO.
Canadians Finally Have Access To Cheap Christina Reichl Photography via Getty Images

Canadians Finally Have Access To Cheap Cable

Canadians pay among the highest amount in the world for wireless service. For example, for a basic plan that includes texting, data and talking minutes the average in other industrialized countries is $22 per month; whereas in Canada we pay $37.29 a month. The story is similar for cable and internet. As a consumer you can only be taken advantage of by a corporation for so long -- there comes a point where you can't take it anywhere. We've reached that point.
03/01/2016 11:37 EST
I Went Six Days Without PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura via Getty Images

I Went Six Days Without Netflix

This Netflix cleanse was obviously not on purpose and I don't advocate it for everyone. But by forcing myself to be alone and engage in activities that I like such as organizing and chatting on the phone I was allowing myself to be with my thoughts and be present in the moment. It was kind of awesome.
07/27/2015 05:03 EDT
Millennials Are Failing to Launch When it Comes to Their Stocktrek Images via Getty Images

Millennials Are Failing to Launch When it Comes to Their Finances

Millennials are reaching the age when they should be achieving financial autonomy and independence, but unfortunately many aren't. Why are millennials having so much difficulty landing a job and living independently? According to a survey, this generation says its biggest obstacle to financial success is the lack of earning power and unemployment, followed by a lack of budgeting, planning and saving.
12/03/2014 12:47 EST
Common Risks for Common-Law Shutterstock

Common Risks for Common-Law Relationships

Marriage is on the decline in Canada and that cohabitation is on the rise. In 1961, less than 1 per cent of families lived in a cohabitation structure; now almost 20 per cent of families are spearheaded by common-law couples. Here are three things to consider before you shack up.
10/15/2014 05:19 EDT
Gap Years Aren't Just for Brits Getty

Gap Years Aren't Just for Brits Anymore

A gap year is when high school graduates take time off to work, travel or volunteer before they go to college or university. Gap years are common in other parts of the world like the U.K. or Australia, where they are treated like a rite of passage. They've only recently picked up steam in Canada.
10/08/2014 12:35 EDT