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Ashley Willard Bauman

Director Of Strategy/ Marketing, UBC Properties Trust

Ashley Willard Bauman is an expert in the strategy, marketing and community building for world-class neighbourhoods, resorts and commercial developments. During Ashley's 14 years of experience, she has served as Director of Business Innovation for Intrawest (the largest developers of village-centric resorts), Vice President of Real Estate for Envisioning and Storytelling, and now serves as Director of Strategy and Marketing for UBC Properties Trust. Ashley has worked in 14 countries and been a part of leadership teams producing combined revenues of over $1 billion during her tenure in this industry. Most importantly, Ashley believes in creating diverse, engaged communities that embrace environmental, economical, and social sustainability practices — for communities that are not only viable, but a source of pride for decades to come.
Landscape First, Then Buildings

Landscape First, Then Buildings Later

It's rare for a community's landscape to be built before any of its homes or buildings are in place. But that's exactly how Wesbrook Village on the University of British Columbia's Vancouver campus got its remarkable start.
01/14/2014 06:16 EST