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Atif Kukaswadia

PhD candidate in Community Health and Epidemiology

Atif Kukaswadia is a PhD candidate in Community Health and Epidemiology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Growing up, Atif was always fascinated by the world around him, and in particular in how our social environment shapes our lives and our personalities. While his current research looks at the health of Canadian youth, he is heavily involved in science outreach. You can connect with him on Twitter @MrEpid or at
The Problem with

The Problem with "Fighting" Cancer

Often, the media (and by extension, society) describe someone with cancer as a "warrior" who "battles" cancer. When we take the metaphor further, we describe it as "conquering cancer" when cancer goes into remission, or describe someone as a "survivor" of cancer. But what's the other side of that conversation? Someone who "loses" their "fight" against cancer? Someone who has "fallen"? And to take it to the extreme, would they have "made it" if they "fought harder"? There's a negative side to that language that is coming out, as those diagnosed with cancer speak up.
02/28/2013 07:51 EST