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Atrina Kouroshnia

Mortgage Professional, Thinking Outside The Branch

Atrina is an independently licensed mortgage broker in Vancouver, BC. She specializes in helping residents invest in their future through the purchase of their first home. She has a degree in Human Relations and Commerce, as well as past work experiences in HR and Real Estate Development. Atrina brings a holistic approach to the table when finding her clients the best mortgage available. She believes in complete transparency and ensures that her clients understand every detail of the process and all of their options. You can contact Atrina and get access to her blog on her website,
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Understanding No Debt Payouts For B.C. Mortgage Brokers

By license, mortgage brokers are legally entitled to lend money secured by a mortgage; regardless of whether it is their own or comes from another party. As a result, during a refinance/renewal, if there is enough equity a mortgage broker typically looks into whether their client has any outstanding debts and, if so, will pay them off and include the debt into the borrower's mortgage.
04/07/2017 12:38 EDT
Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Will Canada's Real Estate Market Get Trumped?

I think I speak for (almost) all Canadians when I say that Donald Trump's win came as a wee surprise. Now that the shock has worn off, just weeks before he takes office, Canadians everywhere are asking what this means for us. While the rumour mill churns, I'm left wondering what Trump's presidency means for Canada and our real estate market. Will Vancouver too, get trumped?
01/04/2017 07:18 EST
Ben Nelms / Reuters

How The B.C. Foreign Buyer Tax Changed My Business

As a mortgage broker working almost exclusively in B.C. for the last five years, I was curious to see how B.C.'s new foreign buyer tax and new mortgage qualifications would change my business. While some of the impact was predictable, I've been wholly surprised by its effect on other aspects.
01/04/2017 06:23 EST
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Are Our Emotions Running The Real Estate Market?

Today the cost of a home in Metro Vancouver is more than triple what it was between 1976-1980. B.C. has seen a greater drop in earnings than any other province between the same period, with full-time earnings down $9,000 for 25 to 34 year-olds compared to 1976-1980. What is happening here?
08/10/2016 09:42 EDT

Are Women Rising To The Real Estate Challenge?

With the numbers of women purchasing real estate at an all-time high, the trend shows no signs of slowing down. The message then, at least when it comes to real estate, seems pretty clear: Prince Charming can keep the horse; his damsel in distress already owns the house (and decorated it too).
03/08/2016 10:03 EST

Porting a Mortgage is Harder Than You'd Think

Mortgage portability allows you to move an existing mortgage to a new home and keep the same interest rate without incurring prepayment penalties on the sale of your previous home. Not all mortgages allow for porting, but if yours does, this sounds like a great way to right avoid penalties, right? Not necessarily.
08/24/2015 04:50 EDT