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Atrina Kouroshnia

Mortgage Professional, Thinking Outside The Branch

Atrina is an independently licensed mortgage broker in Vancouver, BC. She specializes in helping residents invest in their future through the purchase of their first home. She has a degree in Human Relations and Commerce, as well as past work experiences in HR and Real Estate Development. Atrina brings a holistic approach to the table when finding her clients the best mortgage available. She believes in complete transparency and ensures that her clients understand every detail of the process and all of their options. You can contact Atrina and get access to her blog on her website,
Should You Buy A B.C. Condo Without A Depreciation Alamy

Should You Buy A B.C. Condo Without A Depreciation Report?

Last December a new B.C. government directive went into effect, requiring condo buildings to prepare a depreciation report that gives prospective buyers details about expected long-term expenses or problems. Despite the new rule, only about one quarter of the stratas across the province have commissioned depreciation reports so far.
07/25/2014 08:18 EDT
Deciding Between A Leasehold And A Freehold Concord Pacific

Deciding Between A Leasehold And A Freehold Property

In some areas of B.C., buyers have the option to purchase freehold or leasehold properties. Vancouver's West End has leasehold condos, for instance, while False Creek, Fairview Slopes, and Point Grey offer leasehold town homes and detached houses. You might also see listings for leasehold properties on Vancouver Island in James Bay and other areas. However, it's important to understand the financing implications of a leasehold property before making an offer.
07/09/2014 04:41 EDT
Need A Mortgage? Here's What You Should shutterstock

Need A Mortgage? Here's What You Should Know

Mortgage brokers would be doing their clients a disservice if they simply offered low rates without clearly going through the details. Misguided borrowers sometimes choose a less advantageous product based on rate alone. This often leaves them restricted or stuck with a lender that doesn't truly value great customer service.
06/25/2014 05:21 EDT