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Attiya Khan

Writer/Co-Director, "A Better Man," Advocate, Counselor

Attiya Khan is a mother, feminist, domestic violence survivor, and long-time advocate and counselor for abused women and children. She has worked in women’s shelters in Canada and the United States, including serving as Director of Child and Youth services at a shelter in Boston. At the YWCA Toronto, she supported the communications and advocacy team, facilitated a training program on crisis intervention, and administered the December 6th Fund, which offers interest-free loans for women fleeing domestic violence. Attiya is married to Alex Mazer, a lawyer, businessperson, and public policy advisor. They live in downtown Toronto with their son, Elliot.
I Asked My Abuser to Talk on Film. He Said Attiya Khan

I Asked My Abuser to Talk on Film. He Said Yes

I am making a documentary called A Better Man that is based on a conversation I had with an ex-partner who physically abused me over 20 years ago. We lived together when we were teenagers. Since I escaped that relationship, I have been an advocate for women who have experienced domestic violence. I asked the man who hurt me every day for two years to discuss the abuse while being filmed. He said yes. If we truly want to end violence against women, we need new solutions. My personal experience, my professional life, and my heart tell me that empowering men to change must be part of the picture. Let's step up and make it happen.
11/21/2014 11:46 EST