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Avram Denburg

Paediatric oncologist, Sick Kids and 2015 Trudeau Scholar; on the Board of Canadian Doctors for Medicare; Contributor

Dr. Avram Denburg is a paediatric oncologist at Sick Kids and a 2015 Trudeau Scholar. He sits on the Board of Canadian Doctors for Medicare.
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Canadian Kids Need Free Access To Essential Medicines

Canada is an outlier for not having a universal program for prescription drugs for children and for allowing wide inter-provincial variation in how public drug plans serve children. This means that many families can't afford to pay for the essential medicines that their children need to get healthy, stay healthy and grow up healthy.
05/18/2017 03:44 EDT
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Why We Need to Cover Medication for Children

The glaring gaps in drug coverage for Canadian children are made stranger by the economic dimensions of the issue. Children's health care represents a drop in the ocean of health care budgets -- extending universal drug coverage to children would constitute a small fraction of total pharmaceutical spending.
10/17/2015 08:45 EDT