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Avi Goldberg


Avi Goldberg is a sociologist who teaches full time at Vanier College and part time at Concordia University in Montreal. He's previously done research on Israeli and Palestinian peace and human rights activism. He's currently working on a project in which he's studying professor and student attitudes and practices surrounding student use of technology in class for non-learning purposes.

His primary teaching and research interests are in sports, culture, digital media/communities, and political sociology.
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Will the Sexual Orientation of Michael Sam and Other LGBT Players Ever Be Irrelevant?

In the context of a fluid reality, one in which expectations and potentials for sexual minorities in both society and sports are both changing and not quite resolved, Michael Sam held an historic press conference in Montreal. And, reflective of both the desire for more change as well as the fact that we're not quite sure what to do to take those final steps, there was neither consensus on what needed to be asked and said about sexuality and sports nor on whether anything had to be asked or said about that subject at all
05/28/2015 01:04 EDT
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Why We Need to Keep Talking About Jian Ghomeshi

"Isn't it time," folks on my Twitter feed are saying, "that we put an end to the public trial and let the police and the justice system take over? It is tempting to ask whether we've all not heard enough at this point, but given the social and cultural significance of Jian Ghomeshi, there are important reasons that the public conversations continue to go on.
11/14/2014 03:10 EST

When Palestinian Solidarity Harms More Than It Helps

Palestinian solidarity activists are using Zionism isn't Judaism on social media to say that Jews aren't the problem, the Zionist state of Israel is the problem, but will this tactic work? Despite good intentions, the answer is no. One problem with Zionism isn't Judaism is that its primary assertion is inaccurate.
07/22/2014 12:48 EDT
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Strombo Should Approach HNIC as a Journalist, Not a Fan

I agree when Strombo says that he can leave his personal biases aside when talking about teams other than his beloved Montreal Canadiens, but do sports journalists really have less serious reporting to do than traditional journalists? Is Strombo right that the fan and journalist roles in sports are unlikely to clash? Recent events say no.
03/14/2014 05:49 EDT

Thank Q! Culture in Defence of Montreal

Last Thursday night about 1,500 Montrealers gathered for an event that coincided with Pop Montreal. When the CBC's Jian Ghomeshi brought his crew to the Olympia Theatre for a live taping of his daily radio show, Q, the Toronto-based host, perhaps unwittingly, used culture to choreograph and direct a re-awakening of the city's confidence.
10/03/2013 05:26 EDT